Step 4: Go on Now, Haunt Your House.

By now you're already thinking about strobe lights, bottle rockets, and ceiling fans. Or hell why not strobe the whole damn house? If you want to interface with high voltage AC, you're on your own, but let me recommend the Sharp S216S02 Sold State Relay. Here's some features:
~  Cheap.
~  Minimal current. Unlike magnetic relays, these use an internal LED to make the magic happen. Use a high value series resistor with the + or - pins!
~  Zero Crossing. That means when it turns on, the High Voltage side of the circuit waits until the AC wave crosses 0V. No joke. I don't know how it works either. Something to do with a Triac and/or a Diac or maybe a Dalek. Doesn't matter. This will not work on any DC circuits! RTMFDS!

Have fun! And if you can't be safe, be careful.
<p>a couple of quick questions..</p><p>1) did you get your basic schematics from a particular source (book or web page)..I'm interested in just parts of the whole (no need at this point for the spooky eye's or trip wire). I'm very interested in the vibrato effect but can't wrap my head around how it is achieved.</p><p>2) You have output's and inputs running down from the first schematic, the one from pins 5 &amp; 10 appears to go to the eye's and is explained, but the other line going to the trip wire appears to just effectively &quot;ground out&quot; VCC to the 2nd 556. without the trip wire the top circuit will run until the power is cut?. I need an almost constant output, not a one shot per triggering (remove the 100 MFD at pin 2?</p><p>3) a bit of confusion as to the far left 556, neither of the outputs are used?..I'm sure this will male sense but a brief explanation would be greatly appreciated. </p>
I learned everything I know about 555 timers from Forrest Mims III. His book, 'Timer, Op Amp &amp; Optoelectronics Circuits &amp; Projects' is where I got the building blocks for this project.<br><br>If you are in need of a constant sounds, then you should not use the one-shot circuit. <br><br>I'm using the oscillating parts of the timers to effect the oscillator output. at the end, not the outputs of the actual timers.
I LOVE the circuit you have built! I LOVE the video! But I hate the fact that there is no schematic! you need one for your instructable to take off! I highly recommend adding one!<br>Do you have schematic software?
Hi rtty21! I don't understand what you mean?! There are schematics on every page, except the last one, and I have commented the schematics pretty thoroughly. Can you not see them on your browser?
HAHAHA I didn't notice them! lol! I'm sorry! I will get to work on this project right away! it looks pretty awesome!<br>AWESOME INSTRUCTABLE!<br><br>p.s. try this free schematic program! I use it all the time and its awesome!!!<br>http://www.cadsoft.de/download.htm
Yeah, I've used EAGLE, but they limit the PCB size on their free version. Now I use <a href="http://www.designspark.com/pcb">Design Spark</a>. It's open source, and has a large PCB area. Also, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that EAGLE has. But I never put bells and whistles in my circuits!<br>
<p>Design Spark is not open source. It's free, as in free beer.</p><p>Now I use KiCad. it IS open source.</p>
<p>this is a 5 year old instructible so you may not still monitor it... (first draft TMI)....the first circuit is made with two 556 chips (dual 555's), would it be possible to build it with 3 555's (I don't have a supply of 556's and I need that particular sound effect soon....just a yes or no would be fine, but if you can attach the schematic it would save me some headaches..</p><p> more questions if I get a response...</p>
Hi remedios667,<br><br>You can definitely build the circuit with 555's instead of 556's. you would need 4 555 chips to make the Haunted House Bones sounds.<br><br>I can't put together a schematic for you, but you can easily correlate from the 556 to 555. Please share your results when you make it!
thanks...I found some 556's on Amazon prime and the added &quot;real estate&quot; on the PCB wasn't worth the headache of making it work with 555's....<br> I've build a few &quot;optical theremins&quot; and not impressed by the sound so I'm trying to find alternatives. I just don't see the logic in Arduino based projects and I'm trying to go &quot;old school&quot;, but components are getting hard to find.<br> I haven't posted any instructables recently because I get started and finish them without doing any documentation..thank's for the prompt reply<br>

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