This instructable will show you how to use make your home, or any house, look like a haunted house. I based the aesthetic for the haunted house on popular culture, using a stormy sky, harsh perspective, dark shadows, fog, and desaturated colors to create a haunting image, while trying to maintain the realism from the photograph.

Time: 1 hour

Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Step 1: Summary of Steps

This tutorial will cover several fairly simple actions in photoshop, using color adjustments and source photos to create the final image. The basic steps that I will cover are:

1. Creating Perspective

2. Creating contrast and darkening the image

3. Adding a stormy sky

4. Adding a light in the attic

5. Creating fog

6. Distressing the exterior of the house

7. Sharpening the final image
I created this of Belvoir Winery...haunted in Liberty, MO. Thank you for the instructions!!
Here is the two photos I worked with
<p>Awesome job on the Haunted House edit! </p>
<p>Great tutorial! Thank you! I used your steps on this photo of the Green House in Needles, California (rumored to be haunted). </p>
<p>your mom</p>
thank you for the great tutorial I made one of my favourite house in my town into a spooky haunted house http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarah11976/9844501135/
nice tutorials
congratulations on the win. the house and the mummy look good together on the winner page. <br>

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