WARNING: Before attempting to open and work with the internal parts of a TV, UNPLUG THE TV!!! Be aware that even with the TV unplug capacitors and cathode ray tubes can retain a high voltage charge. Please read this article on the shock risks involved in working with  CRT monitor. If you are going to attempt to work with a CRT monitor read this article on how to discharge a CRT monitor.
When working with charged CRTs and capacitors take your personal safety very seriously and use the utmost caution. Use all appropriate safety equipment and be safe.

Halloween is coming up. So it's time to start building projects to scare and prank your friends. In this project, I am going to show you how to make a TV appear to be haunted using a pair of walkie talkies. One walkie talkie is hidden inside the TV. When you speak into the other walkie talkie, your voice will appear to come from the TV.

Step 1: Open Up the TV

Before you do anything else, UNPLUG THE TV!! We don't want anyone to die while building this project. It is supposed to be a fake ghost after all. 

With the TV unplugged, it is probably safe to open up the housing. However, keep in mind that some of the capacitors may still hold a charge for several hours after the TV has been turned on.

Once the housing is open, take look inside. Look for large empty spaces where you could fit a walkie talkie. Old CRT (cathode ray tube) TV's will give you the most space to work with. However, it may also be possible to use newer flat screen TVs.
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