This year, it's back to large scale Halloween decorations at our house. After going hand-held size with the Candy Corn Goblins last year, we decided to get back to something substantial again. Up to now, our walkway to the front door has been fairly ignored when it comes to Halloween decorations. Time to fix that. The idea came up to make some lantern posts and run them along the walkway. Of course, just throwing up a few pieces of wood with some battery powered lights wouldn't be any fun, so other plans had to be made!

For this version, we're using 4x4x8s, meat hooks, modified railroad style lanterns, miscellaneous this and that, and an existing low voltage wiring system.

The pictures (and a video) tell the story, but I also have a full SketchUp model for measurements on the posts. The SketchUp model is a little fancier than what I ended up doing, so take the overkill with a little grain of salt. :)

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Required Tools

Blow torch
Wire strippers
Soldering iron
(for viewing model and measurments)

Nice to Have Tools

Circular saw
Miter saw
Table saw


4x4x8 Lumber (I recommend douglas fir)
1x2x8 Lumber
Old Railroad Lanterns (I used these)
Post stands
12v light bulbs and misc. parts for wiring
Baling wire
Meat Hooks (purely optional, but fun)
wow very cool i like the look
Thats a great idea ! Nicely done "ible" as well
You need to enter this in the Halloween contest. This is great!!!
Thank you! I did, waiting on approval. :)

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