Hello! I LOVE Halloween, and usually am involved in a haunted attraction somewhere. This year, I decided to just do the home deal and have some Halloween fun w the neighbors and Family. Unfortunately, due to the economy, I had to sell all my props that I've been collecting for years. (Real bummer for me, cause it was thousands worth of stuff )
Me being me, I decided I could pull it off w stuff I have around the house and some free time.
I like pushing myself as an avid builder of many things..... this is what I came up with for little to no money.

Hope u enjoy...

Step 1: Layout and Supplies

You must first have some sort of an idea of what you want to do and how to lay it out. I had an "idea" but just kinda went w it.
I knew I wanted a cool graveyard, and had always looked at my house and saw a "face" of sorts w the windows and front porch.
As far as supplies, you can use anything you deem usable for your project.
Things I used were, coroplast sign board, wire, old costumes, spray paint, cardboard tubes ect... you get the picture!
I had some old costume stuff laying around still, so thats where i started... on the front porch.
This is a great tutorial! I will be using some of your ideas this year. It's nice to see some projects that are inexpensive and easy to do - Once someone like you tells us the "secrets!" Thank you!
Rarrrr! Awesome job,thanks for sharing!
it's amazing what a little imagination can do !
Your house's face looks great. Our house has eyes on the top story so I've done that part, but your addition of teeth and fangs is a great touch. Good job on the whole thing. Isn't Halloween fun!
I am also working on a giant tongue for the mouth in front! Thanks for the comment!
Just glorious!

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