Have Dog, Will Backpack: Guide to 'Packing with Man's Best Friend

Are you a dog lover, like me? Do you have tons more fun doing stuff with your dog, as opposed to not? And, most importantly, do u like to backpack?

Well bringing Spot along with you on your trip might be "just your speed" (and other analogies). Dogs require special care on backpacking trips, but I assure you, he/she will LOVE you for it.



I would like to note that I will be uploading pictures of my backpacking trip with my black lab, Abby, as soon as I'm able to go... I've got it planned, but I just need to go out and hike, now.
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Step 1: Your Dog

First of all, take a good look at your dog. What physical condition are they in? What breed of dog are they?

Keep these in mind throughout the planning of your trip.

Some dogs are more suited to the hiking and the heavy duty exercise that is backpacking, some are more suited to sitting on your lap and yipping at everything that exists. You can bring any dog you want, just remember: Some dogs LOVE the outdoors, some don't. Just like people, there are "city-dogs".

Remember that you need to bring everything with you while backpacking. Bringing a dog means extra water, extra food, extra bowl, extra sleeping arangements, maby extra clothes, and a chew toy (unless you bring one normally... To each their own, amiright?)

Now you have to carry all of that extra weight, while your dog chases all of the birds...

There has to be a better way... Oh, wait!
saosport1 year ago
Another great dog for this is the weimaraner
Terranan (author)  saosport10 months ago

I've never actually heard of this breed... Google! Do you know?.... Of course you knew. :P

Gregbot1 year ago