Have a Political Halloween... Make a Barack Obama Costume!





Introduction: Have a Political Halloween... Make a Barack Obama Costume!

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Ok, I admit this wasn't technically a Halloween costume. November 3rd started spirit week at my school, each day involves dressing up to a particular theme. Seeing as the fourth was election day, and the third was super hero day, I chose to dress up as Obama! This costume is super simple, and only requires one out of the ordinary particular item.

Step 1: Materials

The Mask

This hardest thing to get your hands on will be a Barack Obama mask. I checked six stores and they were all sold out. Luckily, my mom has a good friend who's an artist, and loves this kind of project. She offered to make my mask for me, it came out amazingly! To keep it on, I popped the lenses out of some flat glasses and hot glued them onto the back of the mask.


While anything nice looking will do, I decided on a pair of black slacks and a white dress shirt. The collar was unbuttoned and my sleeves were rolled up. Tuck it all in with a belt, and you're starting to look good.


A nice watch and shoes will add to the effect. I wore a regular pair of sneakers, because I'd be in them for the whole day, and nice shoes are uncomfortable. I contemplated wearing a black long sleeved shirt underneath it all, to replicate skin color...but it would have been too hot. Also, I wore a sticker that I recieved from the democratic headquarters that said "VOTE Nov. 4" and had a picture of Barack on it. This was perfect because it was the day before election day.

Step 2: Get the Personality Down

Barack Obama is a very eloquent person, if you spend a bit of time reading some quotes and listening to his voice, you should be able to play pretty convincing Presidential Candidate! Enjoy your new costume!

True Story:

The lady who made my mask was out voting, and she overheard to mom's (also voting) talking about spirit week. One of them mentioned that there was a student dressed as Barack Obama, and the other one said, "Yeah, I heard about that, apparently he had a really cool mask." She was glowing when she heard that. Anyways, the moral is, making your own costume definitely pays off, compared to buying one.



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    ha, your funny (no sarcasm used)

    I think I'd accidentally shoot the poor guy before giving him candy.

    1 reply

    nice :-{D <----mustache

     Wow!  This is one of the scariest costumes I have ever seen ;^))

    Lol, the ears arent big enough.

    haha..yep! And I mean, if you'd vote for obama, you should probably vote for him in the halloween contest, too.

    Barack Obama is amazing... I live in Canada, but we still got to miss some school to watch the live feed from the ceremony this morning.

    AH!!! its so scary, lol nice XD

    Awesome job! Good luck to Obama for you today... May the best man win ;-)

    2 replies

    Obama? Of course, he won! :D

    not just that, but he's so far ahead, it's just crazy, i mean, at one point, he had MORE THAN 3 TIMES AS MANY ELECTORAL VOTES OMG


    Yeah...she didn't know I'm using the photo here, so I figured I'd blur it.

    Yay Girlies! :D