Have a Political Halloween... Make a Barack Obama Costume!





Introduction: Have a Political Halloween... Make a Barack Obama Costume!

Ok, I admit this wasn't technically a Halloween costume. November 3rd started spirit week at my school, each day involves dressing up to a particular theme. Seeing as the fourth was election day, and the third was super hero day, I chose to dress up as Obama! This costume is super simple, and only requires one out of the ordinary particular item.

Step 1: Materials

The Mask

This hardest thing to get your hands on will be a Barack Obama mask. I checked six stores and they were all sold out. Luckily, my mom has a good friend who's an artist, and loves this kind of project. She offered to make my mask for me, it came out amazingly! To keep it on, I popped the lenses out of some flat glasses and hot glued them onto the back of the mask.


While anything nice looking will do, I decided on a pair of black slacks and a white dress shirt. The collar was unbuttoned and my sleeves were rolled up. Tuck it all in with a belt, and you're starting to look good.


A nice watch and shoes will add to the effect. I wore a regular pair of sneakers, because I'd be in them for the whole day, and nice shoes are uncomfortable. I contemplated wearing a black long sleeved shirt underneath it all, to replicate skin color...but it would have been too hot. Also, I wore a sticker that I recieved from the democratic headquarters that said "VOTE Nov. 4" and had a picture of Barack on it. This was perfect because it was the day before election day.

Step 2: Get the Personality Down

Barack Obama is a very eloquent person, if you spend a bit of time reading some quotes and listening to his voice, you should be able to play pretty convincing Presidential Candidate! Enjoy your new costume!

True Story:

The lady who made my mask was out voting, and she overheard to mom's (also voting) talking about spirit week. One of them mentioned that there was a student dressed as Barack Obama, and the other one said, "Yeah, I heard about that, apparently he had a really cool mask." She was glowing when she heard that. Anyways, the moral is, making your own costume definitely pays off, compared to buying one.



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ha, your funny (no sarcasm used)

I think I'd accidentally shoot the poor guy before giving him candy.

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this instructable is presidential now

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