Step 5: After every shower, hang the corner of the curtain on the hook on the wall

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The curtain will drain into the tub. The side of the tub will dry... the curtain will dry (you can put it down when it is dry). ...and you won't have  mold. 

HOWEVER shower curtains, like tubs and walls, get splashed with whatever you are washing off you...and soap...and shampoo... etc etc.  So, like tubs, they DO NEED  regular cleaning - especially the bottom edge on the drain end because everything drips off that corner. 

Cleaning  isn't hard...  just remove the ring from the corner,  take down the curtain, and toss it into the load when you wash sheets.* 

If you have hard water, wash the curtain more frequently, and from time to time soak the curtain in a bucket of water with a cup of white vinegar before running it through the wash. Don't worry, the vinegar smell will wash out.

*If you use solid vinyl curtains,  remove the ring from the corner  holes, take it down, and wash it on hot wash and hot or warm rinse with detergent and old towels (towels do the scrubbing).  Don't leave it alone during the draining cycles because if the curtain traps water, the washer may get off balance.   DO NOT use cold water at any point... the curtain will shatter.  If it has cooled and gotten stiff when you remove it from the washer,  put it in your bathtub and run hot/warm water over it until it is soft enough to rehang.
bhscolleen2 years ago
Most excellent advice on shower curtains. While a very mundane chore, you've made it less odious with a few simple steps. In keeping with my "Buy American" policy, I made my shower curtain with 4 mil plastic sheeting, colorful "duck tape", and a hole punch. Starting at the top, fold over a length of duct tape over the width for the curtain to make the reenforced header and use the old curtain to space the holes in the header, then just cut the sheeting to the length you need. And you can throw it in the washer until it falls apart, then you make a new one.