Introduction: Have Some Fun Transforming Your Room With Light.

Picture of Have Some Fun Transforming Your Room With Light.

So this is just a short and sweet instructable on how to change a room quickly with nothing but a few lights of differing colours.

It all about placement, no cheesy mood lighting here...

Step 1: Why Bother?

Picture of Why Bother?

Well change is good and my room is boring, cream walls and white ceiling, the way the house was when we bought it...

A few different lights all of which can be aquired for less than £15 are all it takes, you might notice that Don't use my ceiling lights, they're halogen so I hate their inefficiency and general crappiness.

My normal room light is as down below. Making your room different isn't hard or pointless, being able to change the lighting in your room quickly is nice and allows for variation from the norm.

Step 2: So the Standard White Light

Picture of So the Standard White Light

For many of you this will come from the ceiling, I prefer having my light on my windowsill, it's about the middle of the room and lights it nicely. Obviously having a normal white light is necessary to see properly in your room aswell as being a good light to work in and my sunlight bulb is great for photos and stuff.

Step 3: A Warmer Glow.

Picture of A Warmer Glow.

This is the way I normally have it, I have a small Ikea lamp with the shade painted red, it gives a nice warm glow to the room and because white light is coming from the bottom it's a great light for reading too.

A red or yellow coloured glow will give a nice warm glow to even the msot clinical of rooms and provide alright light to work by.

Step 4: So Making It a Little Bit Cooler.

Picture of So Making It a Little Bit Cooler.

i like this lamp that I've had for years it glows a really nice cool blue that gives the room quite an eerie feel. It's also most visitors favourite because it's just nice... It's a great lamp for the middle of the night as it's plugged in at the bottom of my bed, so poke switch with foot. It's not very intense but your eyes are quite reactive to the blue light, it's the opposite thinking to red light at night...

Step 5: So Doing It Yourself.

Picture of So Doing It Yourself.

The purpose of this instructable is more to persuade people to think about having different lighting and using light as a tool, this is just the most basic of lighting tricks, the next one might be an intructable on accent lighting and how to use old electronics bits to make some nice lights.

Until then try playing with a few different coloured lights, they can really make a difference to the room...


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