In this Instructable, I will be showing you how to make someone lock them self in a room!!!
The cool thing about this prank is that once it is set up, you can leave it and walk away. The victim unknowingly activates the prank themselves. Once the person enters their room and shuts the door behind them, the torture has begun!

The concept is simple, you have a room or bathroom with one of those push button or twisty locks, like shown in the picture. You take off the door knob assembly and put it back on, but backwards! This leaves the locky part on the outside of the room, where the prisoner cannot access it to free them self from their newly found prison cell. Now most locks do indeed have a little hole or something that you can shimmy a paper clip into to unlock the door. I will show you how to easily disable this feature, temporarily so that this prank will be perfect.

I want everyone to be aware that THIS WILL NO DOUBT LOCK THEM IN WITH NO ESCAPE!!!!! This system is dangerously foolproof and will lock someone inside a room or bathroom with no escape! Don't pull this prank if it's possible that an emergency could arise where a person would absolutely need to exit the room, because they will not be able to until someone comes and turns the knob on the outside. Please be responsible but also have tons of fun cuz it's April Fools!!!!! :P

Good Luck and remember to

Step 1: Tools

You will need:

- A room with a door knob with a twisty or push lock
- A phillips screwdriver to unscrew the door knob
- A BB or pellet, something about that size to block the outside unlock mechanism
- About 3 minutes
<p>No do it in the bathroom. It's the worst prison. he he he </p><p>Cool</p>
uhh cool but I already know. ..
Cool but cruel!
<p>I think this is an awesome idea! I don't know why everyone is complaining below. I mean, why lock someone in their bedroom? If I'd lock someone ANYWHERE, I'd lock em' in the hall bathroom, lol. Totes using this for April Fools. </p>
never mind its not awesome they can just take the hinges off and the bb thing did not work
Oh, and what are the chances of someone having a screwdriver handy? Unless you lock them in ur tool closet, the hinges coming off isn't a real possibility.
I actually have tools in my bedroom.
I keep screwdrivers in my bedroom
I keep hacksaws in my bedroom, and electric drills....
I keep windows in my room.
See, this isntructable will never work for instructabilians. Half of us have circular saws, chainsaws, and all kinds of tools in our bedrooms.
<p>lol. right? personally, i'd just slip one of the shower curtain hooks through the doorway and pull on the latch. if it works to get INTO such a locked door (and it does) you can definantly do it the other way around..... </p>
Including hammers! &gt;:)
Haha yeah i have a bunch of tools in my bedroom, a drill, and a pocket chainsaw
What is a pocket chain-saw?
it's a saw that is made up of links of chain, each with a blade on them.&nbsp; The actual cutting edge is about 2 feet long and there are loops of webbing on either end for handles.&nbsp; i usually use it when I go camping or backpacking because it makes quick work of cutting large logs for fires.<br />
Hmm.. A pocket chainsaw.. now that sounds dangerous :-)
I have a couple of swords from different countries and eras in my room :)
Yes I think so but I maybe put that in the closet door (yes the only thing you eill find there are clothes, hangers and sometimes the steam iron of my mom so... only a (smart) person will escape using the hangers
in my closet i keep golf clubs and a box of fireworks... and my hammer
But you don't have a closet for tools and a closet fol clothes and other, non-destructive things? xD
What if u lock them in the bathroom?] And you need to be able to open the door what if you fall victem to your own prank?
My bathroom has a window large enough to climb out of...
I'm the other half :(
Our door styles are unlockable from either side and they need a key to lock it.So,HA!
instructabillians........thats a funny word. and alsomyentire set of tools are in my room including drill,dremel,hacksaw
Yeah, I keep air rifles in my room.
How would that open a door?
It wouldnt <em>open</em> it..<br/>
it would if you shoot that many pellets to make a hole or shoot the screws
Airgun or pellet gun?
It would take weeks to get through a door with a pellet gun.
it wouldnt take weeks if you just shot a pellet into the locking mechinism and brike it there fore letting you out
use a airgun then and shoot the hinges or the handle
this is a very long chain i keep cars in my room, matchbox size
what is long chain i dont understand
Lots of people have replied.
don't shoot your way through beat you way through,also a good pair of boots would be helpful
or steel-toed shoes
Not a pellet gun, a potato cannon/ spud cannon/air rifle/ air cannon/ spud gun. Whatever. I made an instructable on one that could probably make a hole in a door.
i dont know just a gun
Some airguns shoot full sized bullets at the same power as their gunpowder counterparts.
Same as my room! It's called a garage.
well, thats why you pull it on one who isnt an instructbillian. ;D
Also, I know a guy who keeps 5-6 lbs of tools in his jacket at all times. Strange thing is: no duct tape.
no duct tape! he should be arrested
article 1 section 1 subsection 1 of redneck repairs states that duct tape should be handy at all times and punishment for disobeying is public humiliation
perfect i agree with you GO DUCT TAPE

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