Picture of How to shoot a marble
 Have you ever wanted to play marbles? Well to play it you have to know how to shoot a marble so this is the instructable for you.
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Step 1: 1. The grip

Picture of 1. The grip
 First you need the grip. The way you get the grip is you put the marble on the middle of your pointer finger and and roll down so you make a fist in away, if you are confused look at the pictures. 

Step 2: 2. Get ready for the shot.

Picture of 2. Get ready for the shot.
 After making the grip put your thumb behind the marble so that your thumb is resting on it.

Step 3: 3. Squeeze

 The step heading says it all but all you have to do is squeeze and push your thumb forward some, it takes practice!

Step 4: Practice Practice Practice!

 Do what the title said.
FrozenIce4 years ago