Introduction: Hawaiian Spam and Cabbage Stir Fry

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Residents of Hawaii consume more SPAM than populations anywhere else in the world: On average 12 cans of SPAM per person per year. This is a healthy, easy-to-cook, local Hawaiian staple, where the flavours of the spam greatly complements those of the cabbage.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

* Napa Cabbage

* Spam


* Salt

* Sugar

* Oyster sauce

* Soy Sauce

Kitchen Supplies
* Cutting board and Knife

* Wok

* Pan

* Bowl

Step 2: Mise En Place

Picture of Mise En Place


* Peel off the outer leaves of the Napa Cabbage

* Uniformly slice the cabbage leaves laterally like shown in the image above

* Rinse the cabbage off of any dirt.


* Slice the spam into small cubes, evenly.

Step 3: Pan Fry the Spam

Picture of Pan Fry the Spam

* Add butter onto a small pan and heat it to medium heat

* When melted, add the cubed spams

* Pan fry until slightly dark in colour.

Step 4: Stir Fry the Cabbage

Picture of Stir Fry the Cabbage

* Add the rinsed cabbage into the wok in medium heat

* Add a quarter cup of water and cover it.

* When the cabbage has shrunk add a teaspoon of soy sauce, sugar, and salt, respectively.

* Add a tablespoon of oyster sauce

Step 5: Mix-in the Spam

Picture of Mix-in the Spam

Add in the cooked spam with the cabbage. Mix well and plate.

Enjoy your meal!


pablofiasco (author)2017-07-05

might have to give this one a try!

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