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I just couldnt resist making a critter with horns and a mohawk.  Its my favorite.


JohnnyAwesome (author)2010-05-13

isn't it lovely?  and so is she... LOVE YOU REX!


my 9 lives (author)2010-05-13

This is the cutest little crochet guy I have ever seen and I've been crocheting for 25 years. good job!

Nynaeve (author)2010-05-11

 Idk what he is, but he's super cute!  What did you use for that mohawk, yarnwise, and did you felt it or is it naturally like that? Also, congratulations!

cinnabug (author)2010-04-28

i <3 this soooo much!  Cute & Wild!

Metrica (author)2010-04-28

Very Pretty!

TrebuchetMetal (author)2010-04-28

This is so rad!!  I love the colors.

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