Step 12: Food safety

Picture of Food safety
At 63 degrees C (145 F) or more, many spoilage bacteria are killed, as Louis Pasteur discovered when he developed the industrial process of pasteurization.

Many yeasts and bacteria will grow optimally at a temperature of 30-37 C (86-98 F). My guess therefore is that it is best to avoid keeping food in the Hay Slow Cooker long enough for the food temperature to drop below 63 C (145 F).

To be extra sure, it is best to reheat the food shortly (2 minutes) to 74 C/ 165 F or to boiling point before serving.

Rice should be treated extra carefully. Uncooked rice can contain spores of the food poisoning causing Bacillus cereus that can survive even boiling temperatures. So try not to activate those spores in rice by avoiding keeping it at temperatures between 5C and 63C (41F and 145F).