A tale of fixing the right vehicle with the wrong stuff and keeping on going.
My relatives used to bale hay with stuff called "haywire" and used it to fix their equipment.
When something had a lot of haywire holding it together, it was said to have "gone haywire".

The much beloved "Ugly Truckling" a.k.a. "truckosaurus" gave us much joy. It's a 4wheel drive '83 Datsun Kingcab.
It took crowds of people and vast quantities of toys to the beach for kitesurfing and to frozen lakes for ice-kite-craziness.
It never needed any repairs until this trip south in 2003, when everything started breaking and falling off it at once.
Here it is in its element.

Step 1: Time Flies and Important Stuff Comes Off in My Hand

In North Carolina you can drive on the beach. There's a lot of beach and not a lot of people.
The beach is coarse shell sand mostly, which means it's steep where the water hits it and soft where it's dry.
Even with 4wd you need to let a lot of air out of your tires and low range is a big help for the extra power.
I shifted into the granny gears and the lever came off in my hand along with a broken chunk of the shaft it was clamped to. I dropped it behind the seat with the other stuff that had been coming off in my hand. I was a little afraid that if I tried to shift it out of low, it wouldn't go back in again, so we left it that way. We didn't need to go fast, so we forgot about it.
The day before both doors had lost their hinges and fell off when you opened them, hanging by shreds and a couple of wires. That was pretty funny every time it happened, which was all the time.

In this photo Eric Wilhelm works on his ninja moves.
Could it be that kung-fu heroes once used kites to do those amazing jumps of theirs?
<p>Easy to do and opens<br>the mind</p>
<p>I'm a reader...non-fiction mostly...but I'd like to think I grasp the concept of what is entertaining just as well as the next guy or girl. Plus, parts falling off of 46 year old trucks with vinegar gas and rotted floorboards rang familiar to my soul.</p><p>Please, for the love of all that's holy, write a book every year detailing your adventures...both of the non-fictional and fictional varieties...</p><p>As for this instructable ... :~}</p>
The food and coffee returned my faith in mankind, sometimes it's good that you snore? ;) Great story of the road.
We tested the nylon stocking idea a while back. My buddy's jetta lost alternator belt, and while looking for an stocking, a friend suggested an ace bandage. Worked great. We swapped it out with nylons once we found some thinking it might work better (This was all in one night of epic questing), and the stockings frayed and ripped quickly. So Ace bandage > nylon stocking, at least on a 90 VW Jetta.
And to think a friend and I just spent close to an hour wrestling new belts onto my old Mercedes! We had to remove 2 belts to get to the alternator belts, and use our wits and brute force to get the new ones on while convincing them not to twist into troublesome helixes. Only now do I learn that we could have used nylon stockings! Ah well, at least my battery will charge, but I still may need that <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Desulfator-for-12V-Car-Batteries-in-an-Altoids-Ti/">desulfator</a>&nbsp;! &nbsp;;-)
ok so Cletus (my cousins 84 Datsun king cab) final gave up the ghost &nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/red-neck-truck/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/red-neck-truck/</a>
nice i was working on one of thease last night we put a CB in it
You can charge your car battery from another battery while driving w/ an inverter and a battery charger, or hook another one up in parallel to add capacity.
This is the story of my life. Bailing wire and duct tape hold my world together. We were up in the Rockies a few years ago and the fanbelt went. I'll never forget the look on my grandmothers face when I said, "Granny, I need your pantyhose". How many radiators have I fixed with buble-gum, cornmeal and eggs? Too many! And don't get me started on the flaslight/headlight. Tiretube rubber bushings, plexiglass windshield, coathanger exhaust retainer. The only two tricks I've avoided using are the "pee in the radiator" and the "bananna peels and sawdust in the differential" tricks.
"I'd checked out five gallons of tapes from the library" perfect use of volume measurements, sir
All in favour of electing TimAnderson our new hero?
Hear hear! He definitely has my vote! A modern day Mcgyver with a penchant for adventure. I bow at his feet : )
me too
Freaking EPICEST (wth eh) story ive read in a long time!! brilliant! obviously including the boat story.
Cool story there, the one about the boat.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.4car.net">car</a>i have intersted of haywire &amp; now the implementation of this really get me surprised ...however i also like boating..&amp; i have a heavy duty car....two choice of mine is synchronizing here....great job<br/>
You guys should read the story he links to. It was a great thing for me to read I was bored at the time. And i must say wow that boat trip must of been crazy.
This sounds like something out of an Edward Abby novel.
Perfecctly amazing ingenuity, and another good reason to carry a solar panel and electrical gizmo-stuff with you, not to exclude bicycle innertubes.
Thats friggiin awsome!!! no one does that kid of crap anymore, most perople would just breakout the cell phone and call AAA and get it towed. Great story!!!
You sir should seriously think about getting into demolition derby... your derby prowess would be astonishing..
You are officially my mentor! You wouldn't happen to be from Savannah wouldja?
haha sounds like ur a real macgyver
Hmmm . . . check out the last names . . . coincidence? I think not :)
Although not really an "instructable" as it were, this may be the best story about how to make the absolute best of what you have to work with. Great job, Haywire Mechanic. You have certianly earned the title!

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