He-Man Champagne Bottle





Introduction: He-Man Champagne Bottle

He-man champagne bottle

Step 1: Supplies

Any type of alcoholic beverage, I chose champagne because it has a large surface. yes the comic gods will choke me, but I used 3 He-Man comics. now I didn't use All of them but took bits and pieces from each. Mod podge glossy. And scissors.

Quick reference

Large alcohol bottle
Mod podge
Comic books. ( not the nice ones or the comic God will get you! )

Step 2: Step 2

Cut out your favorite pieces to make your collage. Slather a thin layer of mod podge to bottle or back of comic cut out. Now to get those stubborn round edges out, I slit the image in a few pieces so it will glue flat with less creases.
After each image layer I place a layer of modge podge to give it shine and protection. smooth those edges!

Step 3: Step 3

You're all done. Add a ribbon and your good to go. Just let it dry a few hours. Perfect groom, guy, girl, geek , nerdy fun gift!



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    This is a cool idea. I am a big comic fan cool idea for reusing old comics. You have a talent for what you do.