I have wanted to make rice bags for many years and today I made some. I have not seen head warmer rice bags and so this is how I made them.  I made some hand warmers also.  Please use this pattern at your own risk and read all the cautions.  Rice bags have been known to catch on fire.  It all depends on the microwave, amount of rice in the bags, fabric used and so on.  Do not microwave any bag unless you stay right there with it.  

These rice bags have many many uses other than a head warmer or hand warmer.  You can use these for warming your bread at the table, hand warmers, use for colds, headaches, relaxing  over the eyes, reducing headaches, soothing small puppies and kittens, cold packs, air fresheners just to name a few.  The head warmers are larger and can be used for larger areas of the body.  The head warmer is stuck to the top of the hat so most of the weight is not noticed on the head.  They do not slide on the head and they actually help keep your hat in place.  After I have used them a while I will update this post and let you know what our experiences are with them.  Lets make some bags!  

Step 1: Supplies

What you will need:
Please note: 100% cotton muslin is needed for the rice bags.  They will catch on fire if you do not use 100% cotton liner and cotton thread.  If your microwaving the entire bag use only 100% cotton everything and DO NOT add embellishments or buttons for obvious reasons.  
  • Just gather different scraps you have around the house and if they are too short add a piece by sewing to it.
  • You can make these any size you want.  
  • Fat quarters work very well. 
  • Hat
Where are mine? :P<br>
They are made, waiting to be mailed! :)
OMG........how I love the color green. They just look warm and inviting. Voted!
Thanks for voting onrust! These were so fun to make and there are so many ways to use them The head warmer was awesome. Thanks for your input and as always have a splendorous day! Sunshiine
I will add more to this instructables in a day or two. The head warmer works nicely. The trick is not to fill the rice bag very full and microwave it at 10 sec intervals. The head warmers would work for a headache by the way! I am so happy with these. Stay warm!<br>sunshiine
These are so cute. I can definitely see myself making one in the future.
Thanks blossom! We did it! Thanks for commenting! I will answer your qs tomorrow about the thread.<br>Sunshiine
What an original idea. Thanks for sharing. May need it this winter. Brrrrr.
They turned out so cute! I had a lot of fun. Thanks for commenting and have a great night!

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