Introduction: Steampunk Head-Light

My latest project using recycled materials.

This lamp was inspired by a show called "Oddities" (one of my favorite shows). I built it using an old broken patio torch, a used guitar string (to hold the skull in place), a candelabra lamp base, a toggle switch, leftover 1/2" copper tubing and fittings, and of course, the skull.

No modifications were made to the skull and it is easily removable. I didn't want to damage it in any way, so I used a guitar string held in place by a nail that rests in the incisive fossa (the depression in the midline of the bony palate behind the central incisors into which the incisive canals open). Just tilt the skull up and the nail falls free.

If anyone has any skulls they'd like to donate to a starving artist, please let me know.

Music: Leon Boellmann - Suite Gothique


technosasquatch (author)2011-06-16

real skull or a reproduction?

It's a real skull. A reproduction would look cool, too. I'm thinking of gathering some animal skulls for another project.

Huh... after a quick googling, I see that it IS legal!

So now my question is, how much did it COST. xD
Don't know how i feel about actual human remains being used as decor, but an interestingly macabre idea in any case.

Human skulls can be found on ebay. There's quite a few for sale at any given time. The price will vary depending on the quality of the skull, but think anywhere from $250 and up. Animal skulls can be used instead, and are much more affordable.

Where'd you get a real skull? I could of course be wrong, but I thought that it was illegal to own human remains outside of a school/medical setting?

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