-LOSE YOUR HEAD -Head coming off illusion / MUST SEE IN MOTION costume fun

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This a fun and easy costume that gives the illusion of the head coming off. endless Fun. It never gets old. I made this with just a few tool and a few materials. I will do my best to document the critical points that make this illusion function properly. with that said there is plenty of room for change and improvement. take this idea and make it your own. You can do this. You are going to have a blast.



Step 1: Materials

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For the outside costume part
1) Coat, long enough to cover the knees.
2) Shirt ,Button down collar .

For the internal structure
1)Roll of duct tape
2)Roll of wire. I used number 8 galvanized steel wire 20 foot long(Minimum)
    a few feet of regular copper electrical wire number 10 or you could use the steel wire if you     have enough.

Neat. Where did you find 20+ feet of 8 gauge wire? I can't find it at Home Depot or Lowes. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places.

I would suggest someplace that sells chain link fence, it's used as a bottom stinger sometimes...

dragon741 year ago
Fantastic instructable, great work. My only stumbling block was realizing that the shoulder supports are not 3D in the same way as the knee circles are, but rather flat, much like a breastplate kind of thing.
gogglecrab2 years ago
I have been looking for a how-to on this illusion for ages! Thanks a ton, great work!
sclocher4 years ago
so simple, but yet i never thought about using things like just 8G wire, lol. Very well explained to, great job
foobear4 years ago
So awesome
moGuyver4 years ago
Thanks for sharing your design - I've been looking for a frame design ever since I saw Cyril Takayama perform this illusion.
nick0118944 years ago
Heey, how long does this approximately take to make?
aabsteach4 years ago
did you make two frames or foam to make it so thick??
jedbd (author)  aabsteach4 years ago
It is not thick. There is only one frame and It is made of only the wire and duct tape. It is curved which is probably what is making it look thick.
Love it ! Too Kool ! Im gonna give it a go this Halloween. Great for work.
I'd put more of the shirt under the collar, so you don't see just the collar and a narrow strip of shirt when your head "falls". basically just keep the back of the shirt attached to the collar when you attach it to the jacket.
Just a quick question; can you sit while wearing this harness, and if you can how comfortable would this be?
no you can not sit. .at least i dont think so and it would not be that comfortable in the sitting position.
In general the harness is pretty comfortable and easy to take on and off.
I think maybe if the back of the jacket had a split all the way up the back you maybe able to sit. I did not have a split so im not sure. it worth a shot
If you were going to want to be able to sit im not sure how you would have to make it to be better. let me know if you figure it out.
D00M994 years ago
Here's a funny video of this in effect;
And a few notes:
1. The old man is not me
2. I am not sure if he uses the same frame as this
3. Enjoy the video!
(someone posted it on Facebook)

hjostrander4 years ago
I don't get it...
jedbd (author)  hjostrander4 years ago
what don't you get. Did you watch the video?
Broom4 years ago
Downvoted for the annoying "MUST SEE" marketing-inspired title.
jafrance Broom4 years ago
Oh come on. He thought he put together a good Instructable and he wants people to see it. Must not be too bad or it wouldn't be featured.
Broom jafrance4 years ago
We all want people to see our own 'ibles, jafrance. That's a pretty lame defense.
he's put - MUST SEE IN MOTION... not just MUST SEE on its own. but i agree - i hate tags with 'must see' on them - so selfish.. but this one is different i think and is not the same.
Ah, thanks, muscleflex! Upgraded my rating. The "MUST SEE IN MOTION" doesn't really add much to the title, though.
thepelton4 years ago
This is kind of like one I had in mind except I thought it would look good if the costume arm wrapped around the head like it was holding it up. Something that just occurred to me... Nearly Headless Nick!
1up4 years ago
Very nice! It's also fun have your head "fall off" and catch it with your hands, then throw it back up onto your shoulders. ;)
This reminds me of the Headless Bride that is also on this site. I don't remember the creator's name. (shame on me)... Very similar.
blueninja334 years ago
Been looking around for an instructable on this for a while. Thanks for posting!
RedBinary4 years ago
Sweet! I saw a vidya on the youtubes a few years ago && had been wondering exactly how that was done! THANK YOU!
~Aeronous~4 years ago
another good effect to this costume would be to hold your head in your hands, and have a stump at the top with blood squirting out.
gabloo4 years ago
yah all you need now is something that looks like the organs and blood cut in half so you place it on top of your head so people would believe it more
hackmattr4 years ago
First time I saw this illusion was on Room 401 on MTV.
zascecs4 years ago
Cool, neat effect