This is like the head tracking with the wiimote but all that is needed is a pc and a webcam, even my very low quality webcam works!

Step 1: Connect a Webcam...

Connect your webcam. the software requires that the webcam is connected and working before it is opened.
Make sure the webcam is above the screen roughly in the middle across the top.

Doesnt matter how good the cam is really although im assuming a better camera might work better than mine.
The kuubee.com link now goes to a parked domain. Is this software available from somewhere else? Who was the author?
<p>Its useing OpenCV, thats explains why its not loading on most machines. Most people who use openCV in there open source projects fail to compile for any 64bit&nbsp;compatible chipsets&nbsp;or&nbsp;operateing systems. <br /> <br /> To the people saying its vista's fault, no sorry the whole blame vista thing was started by apple as a marketing slander campaign agenst all non-apple computers windows or not, and reality is most issues in vista are caused by poor third party&nbsp;software such as driver's rather then the operateing system it self.</p>
Right when i try to launch the executable it says that the program has stopped working. Ive noticed only certain peoples comps are lucky enough to run this so if you don't know the answer i wont pester you...
Is it Vista? Because mine did that and it's never been tested on Vista.
Yes, 32-bit Vista. It's really too bad because i cant get my Wiimote to connect to my Bluetooth adapter so i cant do the regular head tracking...
it says it gets a error and must be closed! PM me if you know the solution !
have you got the newest version of direct x and a direct x 9.0 compatible graphics card? also some thing to always try is to get the newest version of .net framework. does it give you any more error information?
doesn't work for me :(
I didnt think mine was working either but then i realised i hadnt hit s. :) Could be a graphics card issue, have you got newest directx?
This is AWESOME! It's Magic!
i cant really try this because i don't have a pc, but i have a program called iNavigate for mac that will move the mouse as you move your head.
I've also seen this for the mac <a rel="nofollow" href="http://molviz.cs.toronto.edu/molviz/">http://molviz.cs.toronto.edu/molviz/</a> it works with isight or wiimote and does the same thing. software looks a little more complicated though and it was made for scientific use but its got a demo similar to the above.<br/>

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