Cut Strips for Straps




Introduction: Head Strap for Hands Free Dodocase

Cut 3 long pieces of duct tape, vinyl, fabric or any other sturdy but flexible material that can be used for a head strap.

Step 1: Cut Slits for Straps

Cut slits on sides and top of Dodo case for straps on top and sides. Reinforce with more duct tape or vinyl for added support.

Step 2: Thread Straps Through Slits

Thread straps through all three slits, fold over and secure with adhesive or strong tape.

Step 3: Add Velcro to Straps

Add Velcro to straps so to make them adjustable.

Step 4: Fit Dodo Case

Place Dodo case over eyes and wrap left and right straps around back of head. Thread top strap under the first two straps and fold up and secure with Velcro. Voila! A hands free Dodocase!

Step 5: Voila! a Hands Free DodoCase

In under 20 minutes you can make your own hands free Dodocase!



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