Picture of Headboard made from 2 Doors with back lighting
doors a.jpg
pre stain a.jpg
stain a.jpg
polyurethane a.jpg
paint brushes x 3 a.jpg
tie plate a.jpg
wood screws a.jpg
picture hooks a.jpg
picture wire a.jpg
ikea led lights a.jpg
monkey hook.jpg
A modern / sleek wood headboard with accent lighting  which is easy to make from two hollow core wood doors.

Time: 4-5 days (it rained so I let the stain and polyurethane dry extra long)
Cost: under $200 (before tax)

Supplies needed:

- 2 wood hollow interior doors (total width should be about 4" wider than bed).....$26.00 x 2 = $52.00
- 1 quart Pre Stain Conditioner.....$12.67
- 1 quart Stain (color of your choice).....$7.77
- 1 quart Polyurethane sealer....$10.77
- 3 cheap disposable synthetic paint brushes, one for each step of staining.....$7.97 x 1.5 = $11.96
- Lots of lint free cloths for staining (I used old torn up sheets).....n/a
- 4 tie plates.....$0.57 x 4 = $2.28
- 24 wood screws  (4 x 3/4").....$0.98 x 1.2 = $1.18
- 2 heavy duty strap hangers w/screws (picture hangers).....$11.29 / 50 = $0.23
- Picture wire (about 6-1/2 feet).....($24.99 / 500) x 6.5 = $0.32                     
- 50lb monkey hook.....$2.97 / 4 = $0.74
- 2 sets of Ikea Dioder LED lights.....$29.99 x 2 = $59.98

TOTAL = $159.90
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Step 1: Stain Doors

Picture of Stain Doors
guest-room-005 door before a.jpg
doors a.jpg
pre stain conditioner a.jpg
guest-room-007 door pre condition a.jpg
guest-room-009 door pre condition a.jpg
ebony stain a.jpg
guest-room-010 door stain 01 a.jpg
guest-room-011 door stain 01 a.jpg
guest-room-013 door stain 02 a.jpg
Step 1:

I built this headboard for a queen size mattress which was only on a plain metal frame.  The width is 60".  I felt the headboard would look visually balanced with about 2" wider on each side.  So the doors I bought were 32" wide for a headboard width of 64".  This left enough space for the bedside tables to be close to the bed without bumping up against the headboard.

Stain both doors to desired color. 

I followed the suggestions on the can and used a Pre Stain Conditioner. 

I used Ebony colored stain, applied the stain, waited 15 minutes and wiped off all the excess stain and buffed the doors with soft cloths until no extra stain lifted off.  After 12 hours I applied a second coat of stain, waited 15 minutes and wiped off all the excess stain and buffed the doors with soft cloths until no extra stain lifted off. 

I stained both sides of both doors.   Since I was using a dark stain the grain became very visible and so did any flaws in the doors.  Staining both sides gives you the opportunity to pick the best side to be shown.

I also stained the edges since they will be exposed.  Take care to wipe off any stain that drips to the underside.

Tip:  Use cloths that are lint free.  Old sheets worked best.  I used a lot (I mean a lot!) of cloths because I put on a nice coat of stain like I was painting and after 15 minutes wiped most of it off.  

I waited a full 12 hours before doing the next step.