Winter is coming in Fairbanks. A headlamp is something of necessity here, when the hours of daylight dwindle to 6 per day. A lot of time is spent in the dark. Unfortunately, I'm awful about forgetting my headlamp when I'm headed out for the day. What I don't forget, however, is my hat. It's flexible, not too bulky, and can fit in my back pocket. Of course, this idea has been done quite a few times with baseball caps, but those are a bit of a non-starter in cold climates. And I don't wear baseball caps, really.  So here is my winter beanie headlamp.

Step 1: Materials

This is fairly straightforward idea, and only requires a few basic things. You should be able to build this for under 10 dollars if you've already got a hat. Since I was unsure if having an LED sticking out of my forward would make me look like a dweeb, I used one of my cheaper black knit hats.

You will need:
Soldering Iron
5mm high brightness LED (white)
Electrical wire
CR2032 button-cell battery holder
CR2032 3V battery
A switch of your choice (I used a slide switch. Momentary could work if you want to have to hold the button down for an on-demand sort of deal. There are also way better switches that could be used. Something like the soft switches you find in headlamps would be way nicer than my semi-ghetto solution.)
Thread and needle
About half an hour or free time.
Nice work!
nice work!

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Bio: I live in Fairbanks, AK, where I'm enrolled in an MFA program in creative writing. I also like to party.
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