Picture of Headless Horsewoman
Watch out to all of the Ichabods out there, the headless horsewoman is back!

In this instructable you will learn how to turn a papier mache pumpkin into a fearsome costume head and how to turn a dress into a wicked cape.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Pumpkin Head Supplies:
A papier mache pumpkin:
a design
round piece of cardboard/thick paper
small nail
washer/smashed bottle cap (optional)
black mesh (screen material, old tights, anything black and see-through!)

Cloak Supplies:
Black dress/coat
6-8 sponges
~2 yards red material (optional)
sturdy black string

cutting device (Dremmel, sharp knife)
glue gun +spare glue sticks
sewing machine/needle and thread

note: You could just use black material for the cloak, or buy a cloak from a costume store, but equally nice material is expensive and costumes from stores are usually either expensive or cheap-looking.

Step 2: Design and Cut

Picture of Design and Cut
Once you decide on the perfect face, sketch it on to your pumpkin with a highlighter. I use a highlighter because you can see it, but it wipes off easily when applied to glossy paint.

Carefully carve your pumpkin with your cutting tool. For my carving I used the drywall cutting bit on a Dremel with the multipurpose cutting attachment to help keep it straight. If you don't own a Dremel you can use a sharp knife to start the cut and then finish it with a pair of sturdy scissors.

Step 3: Insert Screen

Picture of Insert Screen
1. Cut your mesh material so that there is enough to cover the face of the pumpkin.

2. Insert the mesh into the pumpkin and carefully line it up so that none of the holes are exposed.

3. Use the hot glue gun to affix the mesh to the interior of the pumpkin starting in the center (nose area) of the pumpkin face.

note: I glued around the nose and one eye, then trimmed the mesh around the parts I had already glued in order to glue the next piece flat. I continued this way until mesh had been glued over each opening and the remaining pieces of unused mesh were cut away.
sniper_lew4 years ago
Hi, I was wondering what your "black mesh" actually is / were you got it from? I'm currently making a Halloween mask and I'm using a black t-shirt for the eyes but i cant see through it very well (which isn't the greatest thing when I intend to go to a nightclub in it...) also I dont want to have to buy tights for fear of funny looks...
unexpired (author)  sniper_lew4 years ago
Well, I don't really know what it is either. It is actually a dark-grey plastic woven material that I purchased at a thrift store a year ago. I kinda buy random stuff and hoard it until I find a use for it.

You might find something in a thrift store. Think screens and look in the fabric bin. Really though, I think the simplest solution is finding some black nylon stalkings, which is what I used for this mask:

It's plastic windows screen. You can buy it at just about any hardware store. It's generally used for screen doors.
vtheawesome4 years ago
could i easealy adapted this for a headless horese man and not woman
jedbd4 years ago
You should try this costume in combination with my instructable "head coming off illusion" that would be rad. though it is awesome how it is now.
unexpired (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for all of the comments. I really wish my city didn't have a dismount law for horses within city limits or I would totally be riding around in the local cemetery on Halloween!
I wish my town didn't have a "no-axes-in-city-limits-policy".

If there was voting, this would get mine. You have inspired and wowed.
Great job on both the costume and the documentation!
jsmi123454 years ago
For a little background read this: It explains that the dullahan is the origin of the "headless horse(wo)man"
unexpired (author)  jsmi123454 years ago
Wow, the legend behind the legend is much creepier!
Phantomn4 years ago
How do you make the horse!?
pie popper4 years ago
That. Is. Creepy!

Nice Job! ;)
l8nite4 years ago
thats great, I really like the door decoration out of the "scraps"
Onyx Ibex4 years ago
I do hope you ride the horse throughout halloween! This is soooo cool!
D00M994 years ago
Too awesome not to enter in a contest.
red-king4 years ago
caarntedd4 years ago
Ha Ha! For a minute I thought you had a real pumpkin on your head. Great costume.
this is a great costume, i would totally be making this but alas i have already made my own.
gmoon4 years ago
Nice photos in the intro--it's a cool costume.
ChrysN4 years ago
I definitely would be scared if I saw you, especially on the horse. Nicely done.
mikeasaurus4 years ago
whoa, spooky.
Nice costume