Watch out to all of the Ichabods out there, the headless horsewoman is back!

In this instructable you will learn how to turn a papier mache pumpkin into a fearsome costume head and how to turn a dress into a wicked cape.

Step 1: Supplies

Pumpkin Head Supplies:
A papier mache pumpkin: https://www.instructables.com/id/Papier-Mache-Pumpkins/
a design
round piece of cardboard/thick paper
small nail
washer/smashed bottle cap (optional)
black mesh (screen material, old tights, anything black and see-through!)

Cloak Supplies:
Black dress/coat
6-8 sponges
~2 yards red material (optional)
sturdy black string

cutting device (Dremmel, sharp knife)
glue gun +spare glue sticks
sewing machine/needle and thread

note: You could just use black material for the cloak, or buy a cloak from a costume store, but equally nice material is expensive and costumes from stores are usually either expensive or cheap-looking.

<p>This is radical. Thank you so much for your tutorials!</p>
Hi, I was wondering what your &quot;black mesh&quot; actually is / were you got it from? I'm currently making a Halloween mask and I'm using a black t-shirt for the eyes but i cant see through it very well (which isn't the greatest thing when I intend to go to a nightclub in it...) also I dont want to have to buy tights for fear of funny looks...
Well, I don't really know what it is either. It is actually a dark-grey plastic woven material that I purchased at a thrift store a year ago. I kinda buy random stuff and hoard it until I find a use for it.<br><br>You might find something in a thrift store. Think screens and look in the fabric bin. Really though, I think the simplest solution is finding some black nylon stalkings, which is what I used for this mask: https://www.instructables.com/id/Mask-Masks/ <br><br>
It's plastic windows screen. You can buy it at just about any hardware store. It's generally used for screen doors.
could i easealy adapted this for a headless horese man and not woman
You should try this costume in combination with my instructable &quot;head coming off illusion&quot; that would be rad. though it is awesome how it is now.
Thanks for all of the comments. I really wish my city didn't have a dismount law for horses within city limits or I would totally be riding around in the local cemetery on Halloween!
I wish my town didn't have a &quot;no-axes-in-city-limits-policy&quot;.<br><br>If there was voting, this would get mine. You have inspired and wowed.
Great job on both the costume and the documentation!
For a little background read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dullahan It explains that the dullahan is the origin of the &quot;headless horse(wo)man&quot;
Wow, the legend behind the legend is much creepier!
How do you make the horse!?
That. Is. Creepy!<br><br>Nice Job! ;)
thats great, I really like the door decoration out of the &quot;scraps&quot;
I do hope you ride the horse throughout halloween! This is soooo cool!
Too awesome not to enter in a contest.
Ha Ha! For a minute I thought you had a real pumpkin on your head. Great costume.
this is a great costume, i would totally be making this but alas i have already made my own.
Nice photos in the intro--it's a cool costume.
I definitely would be scared if I saw you, especially on the horse. Nicely done.
whoa, spooky. <br>Nice costume

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