Headless Suzy, the Flash Drive Doll


Introduction: Headless Suzy, the Flash Drive Doll

First off, I have to acknowledge that the inspiration for this came from...


I laughed out loud for a solid minute when I saw that one.

Also, apologies for the lack of construction pics and crappy quality of the ones that I have. The girl took the good camera away with her (ok, so it is her camera), and the construction went so quickly I forgot to take even crappy pictures.

Step 1: Materials, Tools, And... Supplies!

You will need:

A USB flash drive - one with a snug fitting plug cap
An appropriate stuffed doll or animal - I got this one at a dollar store; floppy legs are good
ex-acto knife
tweezers or needlenose pliers
needle and thread
hot glue gun

Step 2: Doll Decapitation

The specifics will of course depend on your particular transplant patient, but the gist is, cut the stitches holding the doll's head on. Try not to disturb the seam on the back of the head or body. You will most likely need to re-sew these seams, but you don't want the doll to lose shape.

Step 3: Excavate the Carcass and Emplant Electronics.

Using the needlenose pliers, pull some stuffing out of the body a little at a time. Keep trying the flashdrive, wiggling it into the space created. Stop when it fits right up to the usb plug. Repeat the process for the plug cap. You will want to use a cap that fits snugly, and ideally one that clicks into the rectangular holes on the usb plug. I used an extra cap from a SanDisk Micro, and the head clicks on securely.

Once the drive and cap fit nicely, fire up the ol' hot glue gun. Drizzle glue into the coccoon for the drive (make sure to get some glue on the sides of the hole). Squish the drive into that nice gluey goodness. (You did line it up so the top of the drive is facing the doll's back, right?)

Repeat the process for gluing the cap into the head.

Step 4: Plug 'Er In!

This isn't disturbing, is it?



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    LOL Awesome. If I get my hands on my Sister's dolls I might do that. I might even get creative with Ken.

    1 reply

    That would be awesome. Why not get one of those Multi-port U.S.B. hubs and put it in Barbie. I don't think I need to say where the plugs are! LOL!

    "Excavate the carcass an emplant electronics." hahaahhaha thats funny, woah i just got an idea, if you had to have your finger amputated b/c of frost bite or w/e you could get a prothstetic with a built in thumbdrive in it... cool

    7 replies

    i get it "thumb" drive haha

    hahaha, nice idea! that would end all those episodes of misplacing our beloved usb sticks! hahaha!

    what if u misplace ur finger tho...


    ok wow........LOL THATS FUNNY HAHA NICE IDEA :)

    omg, i have the same exact computer

    hehe...pretty cool, just adding i have the same comp :)


    ima try this with somthin around the house that i got OHH I KNO I KNO I GOT A BEENIE BABY THAT MY GF'S LIL SIS GAVE ME...noo......that would be mean :( um..........................................................................i know i got somthin around here but awsome idea :)

    i made one out of a monkey... i am in the process of turning his arms and legs into a hub, and you will plug it in into the tail.

    lol ill try this and make the head a cap cool u got same comp. as me :)

    I like this! I am going to go with a teddy bear like shown in the link, as I do have bears ready-made and patterns to make to fit. Funny idea - and maybe it'll keep the freakin' cap on the flash drive... Thanks!

    I love these guys -- my laptop wouldn't like them much though :P