Headless Yarn Zombie


Introduction: Headless Yarn Zombie

This is a fun and cheap project, good luck and have fun.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need: 1. Metal wire 2. Yarn (any color) 3. Pins 4. Fabric (any color)

Step 2: The Base

Use the metal wire to create a base like figure so you can wrap the yarn around it.

Step 3: Start Wrapping

Start to wrap the yarn around the base until it looks like a person. If you need to cut the yarn use the pins to hold it in place so you can tie it later.

Step 4: Fabric Time

When your zombie looks similar to this use the fabric to make clothes for it. You can make any type you want.

Step 5: It's Zombie Time

Once you zombie is done it should look like mine. I hope you had fun making this project.



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    Made this for my sister on her birthday on a keychain and she loved it!

    I think ur so outside the box, u don't even know where it is

    If the head is hard for u then make it headless. And that's wat u did

    Ooooo. Did someone say flashlight grippy stand/holder?

    4 replies

    If you really liked it could you do me a favor and vote for it in the zombie contest if you already haven't.

    Sure thing. I voted for all three contests.

    HAHAHAHA I see some one likes to think outside of the box.

    Cool, this lends itself to lots of possible modifications!

    2 replies

    I am glad you like. Its always better to customize something to make it you own.

    PS. If you liked it i would appreciate it if you voted for me in the zombie contest if you already hadn't.