Introduction: Headmount for Compact Cameras

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This is the cheapest head-mounted camera kit I could come up with. Welding goggles ( $3-$5 ), a strip of stretchy ribbon, ($1-$2). That's it. Cut a hole in the ribbon and mount in on your head. Rubber bands would probably do just as well.

This is definitely not meant for recording your bike ride, or anything that requires full attention from both eyes. This is meant for making videos of instructables and documenting non life-threatening activities.

Step 1: Materials

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A small scrap piece of cardboard.
Welding googles.
A small strip of stretchy fabric ribbon
A sharp blade

Step 2: Cut a Rectangular Hole in Cardboard (optional)

Picture of Cut a Rectangular Hole in Cardboard (optional)

cut out the cardboard using the plastic lens from the goggle as the template and cut a rectangular hole out of the circular piece of cardboard. This serves as a rangefinder for your eye, so you get a sense of what is in the camera's view. This step is optional.

Step 3: Camera Strap

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Cut a small hole in the stretchy fabric ribbon for the zoom lens portion of your camera. You could probably use rubber bands instead of the stretchy ribbon.
Mount it onto the goggle by sandwiching it between the lens and the goggle frame.

Step 4: Mount It and Wear It

Picture of Mount It and Wear It

Mount the goggle frames and wear it.


stuuf (author)2009-05-02

You should add a red LED to it somewhere so you look more like a Borg drone :)

And have you tried positioning the camera so you can look directly through its optical viewfinder? Those goggles look like they're a little too long for it to work very well though.

Another thing you can do is get a Gorillapod and wrap it around a hat attached with safety pins. I recorded some pretty good video with a webcam mounted this way.
Boo, instructables can't embed blip videos

gimmelotsarobots (author)2008-06-12

I like it. very useful.

inquisitive (author)2008-02-20

Cool-great idea! Thanks! I will use this when someday I get the guts to do my first ible!

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-19

Heh, cool! I like the last picture. :P Awesome job.

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