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Introduction: Headphone Cord Manager

Make a headphone cord manager with something that you already have in your work bench. If you already don't know how to do it from the picture, read on.

Step 1: Secure the Solder Wicks Spool.....

Well....go find some solder wicks either from you workbench, or from you work,...go ask the guys/gals that work in the electronic rework area. Somebody will have one that's almost spend.

You can buy these spools of Solder Wicks from Radio Shack, FRY's, or any other electronic shops...or buy the solder wicks online. It costs like $2 and up.

Unwrap the whicks from the spool, and wrap it onto another spool(Don't waste now) or store it somewhere for use later.

Step 2: Wind the Headphe Wires on to the Spool.

Flip the thing open like them pictures, and wind your headphone on to it.

Step 3: Flip Close the Spool.

Have Fun.



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    Great Idea. as they say the simple ones are normaly the best.

    Cool, but if you are going to insult or make assumptions about peoples intelligence maybe you should use a spell check, see step one (and step two unless it is another "joke"). Otherwise a nice, short instructable.

    3 replies

    It's just a joke. :-) ... and I am Chinese, so I really can't spale.

    you're pretty good, good job!!! at spelling and the instructable!!!

    You could also use a knitting "Yarn Bobbin" or "Yarn Bob"! They are really light weight, cheap and come in all sorts of shapes and colors! There are different kinds so you'll want the kind that is for "fair isle" or "Intarsia" knitting.
    Here are some sites:




    They are a little girly but so what, they work!

    I found some of these in a beading store for holding thread. They were only $.35

    If you wind the cord from the middle, bent in a U shape, you can have it wind and unwind out from the center. That's good if you want it to adjust to different lengths. It might take a slightly bigger spool.

    1 reply

    U R right on. I do that with mine now days too.

    Genius.. To bad I melted the case for my wicks :-P

    Not just a good idea, this is simply brilliant. I was lookinhg for a cheap, (word for available everywhere) solution to cord management. AWE-SIZZUM!

    1 reply

    Ubiquitous. That's the word I was looking for.

    ¡Great! Congratulations

    i've been doing this for a while. never really thought abut it

    I have never bought a roll of solder wick. I'm too cheap, I use the braid of coax, or even a length of 12 gauge copper will do in a pinch. How about a spool of tape that has run out of tape. Scotch, Adhesive, whatever. Good idea.

    Recycle, reduce, reuse. Nice idea.