Picture of Headphone Fish
My headphones always get tangled in my pocket, ALWAYS, and the junky headphone wraps currently on the market are overly priced and somewhat boring. Therefore i created my own headphone wrap thingy and so can you!

When i was pondering what i could do to solve this problem I came across this website and began to think somewhere along the lines of "dang that thing is cool" which then turned into "headphones would wrap great around a fish skeleton!" So i then looked up "Fish skeleton headphone wrap" and sadly someone had already thought of wrapping a set of headphones around a fish skeleton. Dang. As I began to delve deeper into researching this idea i found that all of the designs were extremely basic and boring so i expanded on it and this is what i got. In this instructable i will show you how you can design and then print out your very own headphone wrap.
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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
1) Access to a 3D modeling software (i used Autodesk inventor because that is what my engineering class has available)*
2) A cool picture of a fish skeleton (or similar)
3) Some way to 3D print your design. I used the 3D touch printer that we also have at my school
4) A pair of headphones

*In this guide I'm assuming you have some experience with some sort of CAD software

Step 2: Get your skeleton picture

Picture of Get your skeleton picture
The first thing you are going to want to do is get the picture you are going to base your design off of. In my case the background was black so I imported it to paint to invert the colors. Next I imported it into inventor in the 2D sketch mode.

Step 3: Begin tracing!

The main part of this whole design is tracing the picture you are basing your headphone wrap off of. In inventor, because the fish was almost all curves i used the spline and arc tools most, however it is possible to trace even curved objects with straight lines it is not recommended.
randofo2 years ago
Nice. I like how the plug gets caught in the tail.
sculptur (author)  randofo2 years ago
Thanks! another hard part of this project was to get that hole to the right size without the tail easily breaking off. Also thanks for commenting!!!!! :D