Introduction: Headphone Rack/ Phone & Wallet Dock/ Small Accessories (Keys, Usb's Etc.)

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This was quite an easy project that can be created with ease and serves good use if your looking for more organisation for a desk or bed side table.

Step 1: Preparation

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The first step in the construction of this Headphone Rack is to get organised with all the tools and material etc. that is needed such as the pieces of material being used, in the process of making this project i have used the following tools, materials and equipments.


-Pine Wood

-Scrap wood (Pine wood)


-Wood glue

-Sandpaper & Sandpaper Block

-Wood Filler

- A lead pencil for marking & Rubber


- Band Saw

- Scroll Saw

- Wood mill

- Disc Sander

- Drill Press

- G or F an Clamp (Either can be used)

- Tri Square

Step 2: Step 1

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Glue the two pieces of Pine wood together to create a base for the headphone rack to be inserted into and the cut outs to be made for your phone/ wallet and accessories.

Step 3: Step 3

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Once the base has finished glueing and is dry enough and strong enough. Begin to sand the seam between where the two pieces were connected to ensure that it is flush and there are no bumps or cracks.

Step 4: Step 4

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Start assembling the Headphone rack part by taking the scrap pine wood and splitting it and doing the same thing as what you did with the base, once this part has been glued, repeat the process by sanding the seam and ensure that the piece is level by using a tri - square until all edges are even. If there are any excess pieces from the scrap wood cut a small piece to use as a prong to support the headphones.

Step 5: Step 5

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Use a 6cm in diameter drill bit in the Drill Press and cut holes into where you would like to place your cut outs for small accessories at any depth (optional: i used wood filler to cover the hole made by the centre piece of the drill bit then afterwards sanded it down to make sure it was level and flush with the bottom of the circular hole)

Step 6: Step 6

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Place the base into a wood mill, use pieces of scrap wood for clamping so that the base does not get damaged by the pressure from the clamps, once the base is securely clamped line up the drill bit and drill down to the desired depth that is needed to house the width of your phone or wallet and cut an outline of the shape, once there is an outline begin milling the wood in a zig zag formation to risk damage and imperfections to the wood.

Complete this process again for the wallet and then the base for your project will be complete

Step 7:

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Time to assemble the project by connecting the Headphone prong, the Stem for the headphones and the base. You may use whatever joint you please to connect these three pieces together, once these joint have been glued sand them down to make them flush with the corresponding piece.

Step 8: The Finished Product

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Once you've finished the sanding your end product should look something like this or similar. If you have the option you may use finishes such as bees wax or varnish to enhance the durability of the project.


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