Picture of Headphone cord organizer/feet
Make ‘feet’ for a cellphone that double as a cord organizer for headphones!


2x 5g packs of Sugru (for 4 feet)
1x5g pack of contrasting color Sugru (hardened/expired is ok!)
Device (or device case) in need of feet

Step 1: How many feet/where?

Picture of How many feet/where?
Choose device, and determine how many feet are desired, and the configuration.
stubbsonic2 years ago
I like to dual function of cord "caddy" and shock-feet. Clever. As That-One-Dude says, it would make the device less pocket friendly, If the nubs were only as big as they needed to be, and if there was a way to snap the buds into some final spot, that would be a nice mod.
How well does this go into and come out of your pocket?