Step 2: Carefully Slice It Open

I must emphasize carefully, for it is small and knives tend to slip. My headphone plug was rubber and was fairly easy to cut.

I cut it along the outside seam of the molding. I attempted to avoid cutting the strain relief (the flexible area where most wires break) but the wire appeared to be fused to it and I had to cut that part open as well.

The end was encased in some sort of plastic, I assume similar to hot glue. We will deal with that later.

I chopped off the end about an inch from the source of the problem.
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thanks for the instructions reall helped get me started.
Very good instructions. Helped me fix my headphones. Thanks!
Wow, I must say that this is probably the cleanest and most professional headphone repair job I have ever seen. Only thing that could make it better would be to have all the heat shrink be black, but that is just being too nit-picky. Great job!
I have simply cut off all of the plastic plug cover and soldered the wires to it. Then I covered the plug and wires with hot glue to simulate a plastic plug cover. It looks a little homemade, but works well.
Repaired tons of headphone, but your tutorial is amazing.. very clearly. Looking around for those ultra short jack to make apple-style headphones! ;D
=] thank you. The cable I fixed was from radioshack, an overpriced $8 cable... But it was a hard to find short in line volume control for my in ear headphones. <br/>
somehow remember me to my guitar cable 'ible , good job and great pictures!

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