Headphone/Ear Bud Bracelet



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Introduction: Headphone/Ear Bud Bracelet

The sequel to the charger cord bracelet.

Step 1:


  • a small bracelet buckle
  • dead headphones/ear buds
  • glue

Step 1:

Cut the ends off the headphones. Carefully cut off the small piece holding the wires together. Separate/pull the wires apart.

Step 2:

Put the wires through one side of the buckle. It should be long enough to go around your wrist + about 2".

Step 3:

The two shorter wires should be in the middle with the longer wires on the outside.

Cobra Knot:

  1. Put one of the outside wires under both shorter/middle wires and on top of the other outside/second wire.
  2. Put the second outside wire over both shorter/middle wires and under/through the loop of the first outside wire.
  3. Tighten the knot.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 starting with the other side.

The colored wires from the charger cord might make it easier to figure out.

Step 4:

Keep tying knots until it is almost the correct length. Put the shorter/middle cords through the other side of the buckle. Fold the wires back and tie knots over them. When the bracelet is the correct length, cut and glue the ends.



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