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I can motorize a ball and make it roll--but it tends to lose its head!

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To make this requires a number of 3d parts, a motor some magnets (bar) and 1/2 inch round ceramic magnets. Also required are a cr2032 battery and battery holder. For a tire, I used a rubber hose washer.

Two of the "sphere 160" pieces are needed.

Step 2:

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Print the wheel and put the washer "tire" into the slot.

Step 3:

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Push the motor into the motor carrier.

Step 4:

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Add the wheel (friction fit) onto the motor shaft.

Step 5:

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Add the idle wheel onto the shaft.

Step 6:

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Press fit the hub onto the end of the idle shaft axle.

Step 7:

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Insert the bar magnet into the magnet holder. Add the spring from a ball point pen onto the shaft.

Step 8:

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Remove the nubs from the holder.

Step 9:

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Use superglue gel to attach the battery holder to the bottom of the motor base.

Step 10:

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Solder the motor wires to the battery holder.

Step 11:

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Insert the round magnet (friction fit) into the head.

Step 12:

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Insert the battery, then join the two sphere pieces with tape.

The ball will run around on a smooth floor. The head seems to be too heavy and it falls off every chance it gets.

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