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David Clark H10-76 Headset USB Mod - Mod a Helicopter headset for use on your PC!

This is by far the most comfortable headset I have ever used, and I have used a lot of them.

While there's some gaps in this instructable, I hope I do well enough for my first one.

http://morninglion.com/headset/ is the page on this build and what this Instructable is based off of!

Step 1: Finding the set...

Ebay, newspaper... that helicopter pilot uncle of yours... they arent always cheap, but I got these David Clark H10-76's for $30... bad cord. http://www.davidclark.com/HeadsetPgs/h10-76.htm

I picked them for the look, this didnt start out as a USB mod, was going to be analog. Also, these are mono... but do have a speaker in each cup.
Scubamatt2 years ago
cool loooking to mod a general avaiation headset to a 2 pin Kenwood radio connection not much luck so far. Thanks for the info!
Lance Mt.5 years ago
This.. This is fantastic... ( ! ! ! )
1bananaman15 years ago
hahahaha very nice.
jackfr0st7 years ago
In that last picture, it looks as if either your contacts are dry, your quite angry, or the red eye thing on your camera is working in reverse....that or you took an LED throwie mod a bit to far.......
morganlowe (author)  jackfr0st5 years ago
Photoshop.. that hung in my office at work.
i've just done this to a militay helicopter helmet, :D :D and now i use it for gaming :P Endwar is quite funny to be played this way. Now, i gotta mod it for wireless...
xD I wanna be commanding my people in a clanwar using one of those, that would be awesome.

santy225 years ago
Bonk! awesome job.
n1qaw6 years ago
This is cool. Done about the same thing with a set of noise canceling head set that wood harvesters use. I just added the electroncs from a gaming headset
zuixro7 years ago
Nice instructable. I was planning on buying a headset to use in gaming, but this looks so much cooler. It seems to me that this could be applied to make a bluetooth headset too, that might be cool. Great instructable!