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Introduction: Headup Web Cam Viewer

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A recent entry looked at a commercial system to allow users to look directly at their web cam whilst still being able to see the person they are talking to - Teleprompter style - This is my take on that idea.

It is easy to construct being essentially an upside down periscope such as I used to make when I was a kid.

I have no doubt the commercial system uses better quality mirrors etc. - but this is a lot cheaper . Of course I don't suggest you go into competition with the original manufacturer, in fact this is only posted as a matter of interest to show how these things could work.

Step 1: View of Headup Display in Use

Please note: In these images the lower mirror has been removed. Refer to the drawings to see where it should fit in the lower part of the frame. I also had to put some dark paper over the front of the web cam because it is silver and you could see it through the glass screen.

Step 2: Over View of the Assembly

This shows the general construction - Much depends on what materials you have to hand. At a push you could use some stiff card, my initial efforts used card to establish sizes etc.

Step 3: Front View

enter longer description for this step

Step 4: Side View

The arrows show the light path through the device.

The size depends on your monitor and web cam sizes.

Step 5: Construction Notes

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Step 6: Construction Notes 2

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Step 7: Parts

2 sides and a bottom + a cover for the top are all that are needed.

I used some plastic I had knocking around and some dark card for the cover. The plastic sheet was a scrap left over from building a MAME cabinet with my son and the mirror an old hand mirror I found.



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    That's a neat mod :)

    This is a good idea, thanks. I may make one to use with my imac.

    I did this a few years ago, with a box sitting on top of a flat-on-the-floor laptop screen reflected at 45 degrees with a webcam behind the glass. It kinda worked, everyone said it was a good idea and I forgot about it :) Not as portable or practical as your idea...


    Oh yes it does - the one you see on my monitor in the pictures works fine. I removed the mirror so I could line up the frame with the screen but didn't put it back for the picture otherwise it works fine. Should I ask why you say it doesn't work?

    for the same reason that you took the mirror out? you may want to rearrange things so that the picture is being taken while looking at the screen, not the camera.


    OK have added an extra picture showing the lower mirror in position. In fact I cut a slightly longer mirror to give a bigger picture area. unfortunately the fixings I made don't fit now so i will have to remake the at the weekend. Perhaps I missed the irony earlier!

    Neat! If I ever had reason to use a webcam, I'd definitely make one.

    That's cool :) A couple years ago I could have used this (my girlfriend went to another university).