Picture of Health Chocolate
Make your own super-healthy chocolate with no sucrose or saturated fats in it.
Ingredients are cocoa, milk, olive oil, and xylitol. It starts out like really thick frosting.
After a few hours it sets up like a really rich fudge.
Pat it into the shape of a cake! It's the richest healthiest chocolate cake ever made!
Feel free to vary the ratio of these ingredients to suit yourself, but the order of mixing the ingredients shown here is important, in any other order it won't be smooth.

100 ml hot milk
2 rounded teaspoons of xylitol crystals. Add more if you like it sweeter.
10 high heaping teaspoons of cocoa
50 ml olive oil

It tastes great and gives you that good theobromine buzz.
Xylitol is a type of sugar that caries bacteria among others can't live on.
So no tooth decay!

I'm avoiding cariogenic foods as an experiment to see if a cavity will heal itself.
search for the terms "cariogenic" and "remineralize" to see papers about tooth healing.
I haven't had bread or sucrose for example in months.
The thing I missed most was chocolate.
So I figured out how to make my own "health chocolate". Read on for the fancy details!

Global sweet sells noN-GMO Xylitol. You can buy it online in crystal or powder form.

meismeems5 years ago
mmm, coconut oil would be good with this.
Yes, just what I'm planning to use to try this recipe tomorrow. I can't wait.
=34 years ago
Does it work with normal sugar?
Foaly75 years ago
Does this age like regular chocolate, which gets better with age if aged properly, or not? And just a question for any chocolate professional (et cetera), does chocolate age if coated in wax? Because I know it doen't melt in a wax casing.
As a boating biker camper traveler farmer I am enjoying your stuff. Have you ever tried cooking with stevia?
yea - this recipe looks NOMNOMNOM but....xylitol? It feels like desecration to put that in precious chocolate...I'd prefer the sugar, to be honest - but stevia! now there's an idea worth testing out :)
Saturn V Jyssa5 years ago
Xylitol sounds like a drug of some sort.
SpiroExDeus5 years ago
Hate to break this to you but you've ruined the "no tooth decay because the bacteria can't live on Xylitol" point by using milk which has lactose in it. Pretty sure that's a sugar tooth decay bacteria CAN live on.

Unless I'm missing something...
marliz5 years ago
I wonder what it would taste like adding coconut oil instead of olive oil.  I love the taste. Some say it actually helps weight loss, the sweetneer could be less and it would have a chocolate coconut flavor. Not for coconut haters, of course?-D

I think I'll try it!
Wait. wait. wait. Wait. I have to show you something you are going to love it.


Better chocolate like yours but this stuff has the cocoa in it's purest form and a carb and sugar blocker in it!!! WHAT! So you lose weight. No, I am serious. Call 512-404-1223
bobhill1256 years ago
i turned these into actual heat bars
Kaiven6 years ago
I .... Want... SOME OM NOM!!! I'm going to go make some!
reamyj6 years ago
Thank you Thank you. My daughter has a dental condition we have to be super cautious with. I have bought xylitol but have been searching for days for chocolate sweetened with xylitol. The only one I can get is very expensive and needs to be sent by courier (even more expense). I'm going to make this so she can finally get to have some chocolate.
puffyfluff7 years ago
Sounds tasty!
UltraMagnus7 years ago
looks nice, i would make some, but i would rather find an alternative to all that olive oil.... it contains a lot of calories
bendsa7 years ago
i tried to make this but instead it was like liquid and i wasted all my cocoa on it so why didnt it work?
Browncoat7 years ago
Can you get xylitol in regular stores or anything? If so, where would it be near?
probably in health stores like the vitamin shoppe
jaysbob7 years ago
so this has both xylitol AND chocolate, so in addition to tasting great its also a pretty sweet dog poison. cool! not that I condone the poisoning of animals, but the stuff at least has more than one use.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Sorry NOT CAKE more like brownies.
Although, it could satisfy my chocolate cravings!
Yum. +1 vote. +1 rating.
DainiusGB7 years ago
are you sure thats a cake?

I think not.

=SMART=7 years ago
does it taste nice , if so ill whip up a batch for fun :D
Babyshoes7 years ago
Looks good! I tend to use Sucralose sweetener, which is apparently made from sugar but is MUCH sweeter so you use less of it in terms of weight. It is bulked out with something fluffy and inert so the volume is the same as sugar, but is much lighter.... I wonder if that would work? It is very light and fluffy and froths a little in liquid. What is the texture of the milk/xylitol mixture like? It looks quite thick in your picture. If I get a chocolate craving sometime I will try it with the sucralose and let you know if it works! If not I will just turn it into hot chocolate.
dbarak7 years ago
Good job! Faved. Any idea what the calorie content is like? I'd guess about the same as most other chocolate, but still healthier. (I'm dieting, so that's why I ask.)
Patrik7 years ago
I think most xylitol these days is made from corn. Does the extra virgin olive oil affect the taste at all? Taste-wise, I'd go with extra light, although extra virgin is bound to be healthier... Hmm... how are the melting properties? Can you melt this and dip stuff into it?
TimAnderson (author)  Patrik7 years ago
You can spread it on stuff, I haven't tried melting it. I wouldn't expect it to melt like the chocolate that has cocoa butter in it. I made some with (dairy) butter instead of olive oil that was pretty good, and that stuff melted properly. Let me know what works for you!
cool :) ! o and great choice on the xylitol! that stuff tastes disturbingly close to sugar lol o and lol i had no idea it was made from birch trees! :-o?