Step 9: Insert BBQ Sticks

Now insert the BBQ Sticks in the holes.

It should be easy for some sticks, and harder for some other. This is because de diameter of sticks is not exactly constant.

Remember NOT to glue the sticks !!
 This could be tempting when the stick can be removed too easily.
BUT if the stick breaks and you have glued it you will be annoyed to replace it.
awesome idea. the only change I would make is not storing your bananas with your other fruits. <br><br>Bananas give off ethylene gas which will ripen other fruits much faster than normal.<br>
I didn't know that!<br>I'll let the bananas in the old fruit cup.<br><br>Thanks for the advise! ; )<br>
If it's on the back of your door, how are you stopping the fruit from falling off the sticks when say if someone slams the door? I can see what yuo have done with the sticks, (having one mid way up the item of the fruit) but what I'm wondering is, does it ACTUALLY stop all the fruit falling out?<br><br>Great Instructable anyway, when I was a student my fruit came in fermented liquid form... but you know... whatever works ;)<br><br><br>Great job<br><br>cheerio<br><br>and have a high five for trying to be healthy!<br><br>-Biggsy
Thanks for appreciating! <br><br>my laptop screen still have the shape of my left hand, drawn in the saw dust my hand removed! lol <br><br>Of course, if sb slams the door, fruits would fall, unless you put the front stick a bit higher (as I first designed on the pattern)<br><br>Doing so would result in creating a space a bit smaller than the fruit itself.<br>Which is not a problem because the sticks are a bit flexible. <br>So you can put and take fruits, and they would be blocked if they were about to fall.<br><br>But as my entrance door is also my bedroom door and my living room door and my kitchen door, and as my room is at the last floor, <br>I do not risk a lot !!<br><br><br>thanks, eat apples! <br><br>ps: nice job with the trebuchet

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