The purpose of this project is to help persons with heart deficiencies. In order to do this, the project is able to take the ECG signal from the body, to process it and send some samples to the cloud. Also the project is able to monitor the person activity(if the person is active / inactive or he has fallen down). All this information will be available to a doctor via Exosite cloud system.

Step 1: ​Bill of Materials

1. Digilent ChipKit WF32 microcontroller board

2. Digilent PmodACL

3. Digilent PmodENC

4. Digilent PmodOLED

5. Olimex ECG shield

6. Electrodes and cables

7. Plexiglas for support board (1/2 m^2)

8. Some wires

Great proiect! Keep going on!
<p>This is a cool idea! FUrthering the accecibility of health monitoring is a great idea! </p>
<p>Thank you for the kind words.:D</p>
<p>A good device that can help persons monitoring their cardiac activity and also doctors checking pacients status without a &quot;face to face &quot;meeting!Great job people,all support!</p>
<p>Tank you for supporting this project. If you have any questions, or implementation ambiguities, don't hesitate to contact me. </p>
<p>Great idea for persons that don't want to stay in hospitals and want to be monitorized at home. And it will make the system of hospitals more fluent and the hospitals will not be so full of patients :)</p>
<p>Boys , this is a great idea in the future for patients immobilized or can not get to the hospital . Well done . I appreciate the work .</p>
<p>Thank you for your support. :)</p>

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