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Do you remember "Sitting is bad for you" post from Instructables blog?

That told us we shouldn't sit for a long time. We should have a break after a few sitting on a chair.

It's many hours I am sitting on a chair to work with PC, and I know it's not good.

But who can told me "Hey, It's time to break!" ?

Maybe "Health Reminder"!

Health reminder is a simple script that warn with a message box, when you should have a break.

That will help you to have a healthy body and intercept long sitting times!

Step 1: Scripting

Picture of Scripting
  1. Open Notepad
  2. Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) below code in the editor:

wscript.sleep 1800000
x=msgbox ("Hey, It's time to break!" ,64, "Health Reminder")


Above code, wrote with VBScript language.
Below, I will explain what we saw there: 

Line1: Start a ring of orders (do)

Line2: Wait for 30 minutes (30 minutes is 1800000 Milliseconds. you can use Windows calculator to convert amounts.)

Line3: After that, show me a message box with "Hey, It's time to break!" content and "Health Reminder" title. 64 is the message box type. For more info about message types, check out here.)

Line4: Repeat this process

Arbitror3 years ago
I find the elementary school font hard to read...
vishalapr4 years ago
Really cool! How did you change the font of the writing?!
farzadbayan (author)  vishalapr4 years ago
Thanks! Easily with using CSS! (font-family), Learn More
Oh ok!
Thank you for posting a USEFUL script, it's nice to see that VB can be used for something more interesting than stupid "pranks"