Healthy High-Protein Hummus Artichoke Wrap





Introduction: Healthy High-Protein Hummus Artichoke Wrap

This wrap is both delicious and healthy! You can make this wrap with or without chicken. The vegetarian version should contain about 16 grams of protein - but that can vary depending on the products and ingredients you use. If you make the wrap with two ounces of grilled chicken in addition to the other ingredients, that should bring up the protein to about 27 grams.

With the vegetarian version, the total calorie count for the ingredients I used came to 220 calories. With two ounces of grilled chicken added to the wrap, the calories should go up to about 350.

Besides all that, this wrap will provide your body with a hefty dose of vitamin A, fiber and several servings of vegetables!

Step 1: Ingredients for High-protein Hummus Artichoke Wrap

  • Hummus (I prefer the roasted red pepper kind) - 2 tablespoons
  • 1/2 carrot sliced or shredded
  • 1/4 cup of spinach
  • Flatbread (I used Flatout multi-grain bread which has 9g of protein in each slice)
  • 3 artichoke hearts (from a can)
  • *optional: 2-3 ounces of grilled chicken, chopped

Step 2: Preparing the Wrap

The first thing to do is prepare your vegetables. Take the artichokes out of the can and try to drain off the excess liquid before chopping them up. If you get to the end of the artichoke heart and notice it's hard to cut through - you may want to dispose of that as it will be just as hard to bite through.

If you're wondering why I didn't use fresh artichoke hearts - there are a couple reasons. If you've ever cooked/boiled an artichoke - it takes a long time to cook it through. It's totally worth it - but it takes a long time for one large artichoke to get one yummy artichoke heart. To get several would take so long and it's costly. The flavor from the canned one is ideal - as we actually want a bit of saltiness for flavor.

Next, slice up the carrots into little matchstick size pieces - a half a carrot per wrap. Set aside. Get the spinach ready as well and set aside.

Then, spread the hummus onto the wrap.

Step 3: Wrapping It Up

Now lay the chunks of artichoke onto the wrap - as shown in the picture. Then if you have chicken pieces you can lay that on top of the artichoke hearts. Follow that with the carrots and spinach on top! You can create two layers of ingredients and wrap it like you see in my image - or just one is fine as well. Just be sure to have the hummus fully covering the wrap - or else it will come apart.

If you want a little more flavor - you may want to add a tablespoon more of the hummus. You can also add chopped tomatoes and/or black olives for more flavor. I didn't think it was necessary to add the black olives as the artichokes gave it such good flavor on their own.

Add some grapes or another other side dish to your meal and you are done! :) Enjoy!



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    OK I am soo looking forward to making these but I will also ask the question I'm sure everyone has been wondering about. It's been a year...are you and Eric married yet? lol

    I made this and it's so healthy and tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

    Ohhh my gawd this looks amazing

    You make all the best stuff. You married?

    Thanks Eric! I am not - are you? (◕‿◕)

    Great recipie, I would literally eat these till reaching the point of exploding. I am a big fan of hummus (extra garlic hummus that is). I love hummus with flour tortillas, but I have given up wheat products. Now my fav is hummus with fried cubed potato. Thanks for the inspiration to post my hummus recipie.

    Thank you! I love hummus too! I want to make it from scratch sometime..I'm sure it'll taste even better! I really like the roasted red pepper kind the best! Fried cubed potato? That sounds interesting...thanks for the comment!!! :)

    Looks yummy and healthy!

    I love artichokes and I love hummus but I've never thought to combine them - definintely going to try these!