Healthy Onion Rings - Raw & Cooked version!

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I have pretty mixed feelings about onion rings. Whilst I will agree that they are tasty.. traditional onion rings, in all their battered, fried glory.. just seem pretty.. gross.

Heavily processed, lacking in nutritional value, and high in fat..

If you make them yourself they will obviously be better.. but what if you could make them healthy?

High in protein, fibre, magnesium, iron, calcium, with vitamin B-6, and vitamin C, these certainly pack more of a nutritional punch than your average onion ring!

These are incredibly easy to make, and they make quite a few! I popped a big batch in my dehydrator to tick away overnight – and I also had enough mix to make a batch to cook in the oven! I’m extremely happy to say that both ways work amazingly well.

These are light, crunchy, and extremely tasty. Thanks to the nuts in their coating, they are also rather filling! So be warned against wolfing them all down in one go!

The raw version tasted just as crunchy and tasty as the cooked ones. The only difference that I noticed, is the raw ones have a slightly stronger onion “hit” than the cooked version. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I served these up with a raw tomato sauce (which takes seconds to prepare) and these made for a fantastic side to dinner.

Try them, and let me know what you think!

Pixie x

Step 1: Ingredients

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2 large Onions - Sliced into roughly 1/2 - 1cm thick slices

For the coating

1/4 cup Almonds

1/4 cup Pumpkin seeds

1 tsp Dried garlic (I dehydrated mine - feel free to use dried garlic from the shop)

1 tsp Chia seeds

1 Tbs Nutritional Yeast Pinch

Salt and Pepper

For the Wet mixture

1/4 cup Cashew nuts soaked at least 3 hours

1/4 cup Buckwheat Soaked at least an hour

1 tsp Soy sauce (I used liquid aminos, but use what you have)

1 tsp Garlic powder

Pinch Salt

1/2 Cup Water

Olive Oil (Optional)


I love you

TheVeganPixie (author)  alex19957881 year ago

Haha, why thank you!

They look amazing! I love onions! :)

Oh yay! They look sooooooo good. Favoriting this one so I can try it later. :D

TheVeganPixie (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago

Aw thank you! I hope you like them! :) x

sunshiine1 year ago

Faving this for sure! They look so pretty and tasty! Thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a great evening!


TheVeganPixie (author)  sunshiine1 year ago
Aw thank you :) I hope you do too!
Pixie x
ginomac1 year ago

I am going to give homemade onion rings another try after seeing this recipe...they look real good!

TheVeganPixie (author)  ginomac1 year ago
Aw thank you! I hope you enjoy them! :) x
verbatin011 year ago

looks delicious! I can't wait to try them.