Healthy Potato Spinach Parcels





Introduction: Healthy Potato Spinach Parcels

An innovative Airfryer Recipe, these snacks will be loved by all.

Fried with air, the recipe is very healthy and yet absolutely delicious...

Step 1: Ingredients

Refined flour – 2 cups

Boiled and pureed Spinach- 1 Bowl

Boiled Potato – 3-4

Potatoes Peas- 1 small cup

Salt – As per taste

Cooking Soda- a pinch

Chat Masala – ½ Tsp

Carom seeds (Ajwain)- ½ tsp

Red Chilly Powder- ½ tsp

Refined oil

Step 2: Method of Preparation

1. Dough – In refined flour add salt, ajwain (good for digestion), cooking soda, mix all these ingredients. Make a well in center, add oil in center. Mix it till we get crumbled consistency. Add spinach puree and make a dough. Keep the dough in fridge for 15-20 min.

2. Stuffing of parcel – Take little oil in a Kadai, add boiled potatoes pcs, peas, chat masala, Red chilly powder, Sesame seeds, salt, fresh chopped coriander. Mix well and cook it soft and tender.

3. Roll the dough to make cylindrical rolls and cut it into pcs. Roll the pcs to make a chapatti. Cut square shape and remove the extra edges. Put the stuffing at center. Hold the opposite ends and press it to give a shape of parcels.

4. Put the parcel in preheated Airfryer for 5 min initially at 180 degrees. Parcels can be airfryed for more duration if required.

5. Serve hot with Chutney or sauce of your choice.

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    you had me at potato....

    They look really good! I can imagine what they taste like; makes me hungry.

    The tops remind me of the pods in the Alien movie series, added bonus. :)

    I am glad you liked the recipe. Did you try it???

    These look great! Wonderful first instructable and welcome to the community!