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Introduction: Healthy RAW Energy Bars

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So this is my simple recipe for healthy, guilt free energy bars, great for everyone going back to school/college/uni etc! They are so quick and easy to make, no cooking is involved, all you need is a food blender.


1 cup of dried pitted dates

3/4 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup of shredded coconut OR almond flakes OR a bit of both!

3 Tbsp coco powder (OR hot chocolate powder)


1 tsp Honey

Splash of Almond milk



  1. First, grab your bender or food processor and add all the ingredients listed above one by one, blending each ingredient before the next is added. (I couldn’t fit all of my ingredients in my blender so I halved the portions and blended it that way.)
  2. Once you have all of the ingredients blended, place some greaseproof paper into a small tray (I used a plastic Chinese takeaway tub, but any tub or tray will do).
  3. Then scoop the sticky clump of energy into the tray and press down with a spoon into the tray so that it is flat and smooth. It should be about an inch high within the tub.
  4. If you are like me and like to make it look fancy and certainly less sticky to eat, sprinkle oats over the top and press down firmly to keep in place.
  5. Lastly, place in the fridge for 1 hour to harden and your done!
  6. If you find that is is still quiet sticky after you chop the bar into squares (as shown in the photos), dab each bar into oats, coating the sides and bottom.
  7. Tub it up and you have around 8 energy bars to last you in the fridge!

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    This is good, but I consider instructables that have just 1 step rude. I will never post an instructable with just 1 step. It defeats the purpose of the site if it has only one step. That's why I'm not voting for it.

    1 reply

    You could at least take a picture of the ingredients before putting them in the blender, voila the 2nd step

    hey great post..... can you please post some thing which can help me gain weight naturally

    2 replies

    Avocados are high in fat and will help you gain weight. Providing you're not allergic that is.

    If you're not a vegetarian, you could also use protein drink mix. My sister did that when she was trying to gain weight while strength training. She told me that she had to consume the equivalent of what a 200 pound man would consume while body building.

    People that have a high metabolism which your comment suggests that you have, find it very difficult to gain weight and maintain a healthy looking BMI.

    If you follow my sister's example, make sure you work out daily. You will feel much better and be much healthier for if you gain healthy muscle weight rather than unhealthy fat weight. It also takes less muscle than fat to attain a specific weight goal.

    Add some wheat germ into this mix, and possibly any dish that you eat throughout the day. Gaining weight for me is difficult too, especially since my wife is vegetarian. This is what my nutritionist recommended when I brought this issue to her.

    By coating the bottom of your pan with oats before adding the sticky mix, then coat the top; the only possible stickiness will be the sides after cutting.

    I used carob powder with a little instant coffee added to make it taste more like chocolate.

    I'd mix a bunch of seeds into that "sticky clump of energy" - sesame, flax, sunflower, hulled hempseed, pumpkin maybe...

    Can you give me some idea what "hot chocolate powder" is?

    Sounds good. Can you freeze them? And for the stickyness factor, maybe roll in crushed nuts.

    Love the 'ible. This would be great with figs, too.

    replace the honey with syrup, and it becomes a vegan recipe ;)

    1 reply

    Actually, the vegan community is kinda split when it comes to honey. Some claims it is ok while others say no way.


    @ Yoruk

    You can make your own peanut butter in a blender or food processor, it is just a puree of roasted peanuts and salt. Many commercial ones add unnecessary ingredients, if purchasing peanut butter check the label for the ingredients.


    I did not realize that honey was on the do not eat vegan list.

    Great tutorial ! Did you know if it is possible to replace the peanut butter by something else ? It's hard to find peanut butter in my country.

    4 replies

    Use any tasty nuts that are available, puree it in a processor...... instant 'nut' butter.

    Thanks ! That's simple....

    Thanks !