Introduction: Healthy Rice Cake Pizza

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A delicious alternative to satisfying your pizza craving without eating high calorie, fattening take-out pizza!

Step 1: Pre-heat

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Pre-heat oven to 350

Step 2: Gather Ingredients

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White cheddar rice cakes
Veggie burgers
Pizza sauce

Step 3: Prepare

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I made two rice cake pizzas in this recipe

Step 4: Add

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Add pizza sauce, i used about 2 tbsp per rice cake

Step 5: Cheese

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Top with cheese

Step 6: Veggie Burger

Picture of Veggie Burger

Microwave 1 veggie burger

Step 7: Shred

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Shred the veggie burger

Step 8: Toppings

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Place the shredded veggie burger on top of the assembled pizzas

Step 9: Cook

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Place the pizzas into a greased cooking pan

Step 10: Oven

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Place pan into oven (should be pre-heated by now)

Step 11: Plate

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Keep an eye on them closely while cooking, i usually take them out when the cheese has melted completely, after that plate them and enjoy, they taste great and its a healthy way to get in your "pizza fix" :)


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