Healthy Zucchini Snack





Introduction: Healthy Zucchini Snack

You wanna lose some weight or maintain your current weight (you worked so hard for)? This zucchini snack is super delicious and low in calories.

It's done in less than 30 minutes and you can serve it as an appetiser.

Step 1:

Mix bread crumbs (I used organic spelt bread crumbs), sesame, Parmesan, garlic powder, salt and black pepper.

Step 2:

Dip zucchini slice in milk from both sides. Gently shake off any excess. Lay it in the bread crumbs mixture, and scoop some over to cover the top.

Step 3:

Place slices on a sheet of baking paper and bake in preheated oven at 220C(425F) for 25-30 minutes.

Use the dip of your liking and enjoy.

Hope you're going to like it. :)

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looks amazing... is there anything else similar to milk but isn't from an animal that I can use for this?

I'm glad you like it!
You can use soy, or even rice milk. :)

I made something similar to this as well, it's delicious. Almond also works, and holds the bread crumbs on well (and great nutritional value).

I agree with you. Almond milk is great I just wasn't sure because it can be too sweet. I'll try it next time. Thanks!