Healthy and Nutritious Peanut Delight Smoothie

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Do you like peanuts? Then our easy to make Peanut Delight Smoothie is just right for you. It is a mixture of ingredients which provide a good source of vitamins and nutrients than can be a great substitute for a meal. Put your taste buds to the challenge and enjoy this wonderful blend of peanuts, peanut butter and milk.

Step 1: Gather ingredients and supplies

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Ingredient list

  • 1 Bag of peanuts
  • 1 Can of Carnation milk
  • 1 Cup of water
  • 1/4 Cup of brown sugar
  • 1 Reese's cup (optional)
  • 3 Tablespoons of peanut butter


  • 1 Blender
  • 1 Ziploc bag
  • 1 Cup opener
  • 1 Tablespoon
  • Measuring cup
  • 1 Pitcher (optional)
I really like making cocktails so this was a great inspiration (is that the word?) :) well done

That sounds delicious, and you made it so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

tofugami1 year ago
Interesting. I'd never thought to have peanuts as a smoothie.