Introduction: Healthy & Easy Breakfast

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This healthy and delicious breakfast doesn't take very long to make but it does taste very good.

Step 1: Ingredients

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For this breakfast you will need:

Yoghurt (of any flavor)

One apple

Ground Cinnamon or Coco powder

Oats or Muesli

Additional toppings e.g. dried apricots, rasins, strawberries or other fruits.

And a bowl and spoon

Step 2: Step 1:Yoghurt

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Place the amount of yoghurt you think you will eat in a bowl

I used two different types of yogurt ( plain and strawberry)

Step 3: Step 2 : Apple

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Chop one apple into small cube shaped pieces you will not use the whole apple so you only need to chop up half (It depends on how much you are making)

Step 4: Step 4: Adding Ingredients Together

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Sprinkle the apple cubes and muesli/ oats over the top of the yoghurt.

Step 5: Step 5: Final Touches

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To finish off you can add Cinnamon/ Coco powder, raisins, apricots or fruit.

My favourite is cinnamon, raisins and apricots :)

When you have completed this step you can sit back and enjoy this healthy Breakfast.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-07-26

This instructable makes me want to get breakfast again.

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