Introduction: Hear Fish Talk & Whales Sing How to Make Low Cost Hydrophone-Also Find Your Pool Leak

How to make a low cost super simple hydrophone and listen in to the underwater world.
Many people have bought these kits from me to help them find their pool leaks too.

If you need a longer cord on your hydrophone Radio Shack still sells a 10 foot  extension but if you go that deep you will need to use a permanent sealant like silicone to keep out the water.
If you would like to buy a kit to make one of these please go to



somoss (author)2010-07-19

nice video. decided to order one before seeing the video from another link on finding pool leaks. I think i know where the leak is so i will let you know. package arrived fast and exactly as described. I think you must be selling this at cost ..

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