Snippet of Hear and Play's new Vocal Lessons Instructional Dvd. This is Nena Lockhart doing what she does best, demonstrating how to use runs, arpeggios, dynamics, breathing, pronunciation, and many more techniques that will have you singing like a pro in no time.
Vocal lessons, vocal tips, vocal instruction, and more!

Check out: http://www.HearandPlayVocal.com for more info!

Song performed: O how I love Jesus
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I&nbsp;agree!<br />
<p>me too</p>
It's good for beginners to learn vocal lessons by watching this video carefully.<br/><br/>but getting professionals in Vocal music , you must visit any music college or <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mi.edu/majors/voice/6.aspx">vocal institute</a> for learning and get in depth knowledge to experience in vocal industry<br/>

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